Earlier this year, when I started my online coaching program and Facebook group as a women-only community, I was in a process of self-discovery. I was inspired by the research I was immersed in while preparing my multimedia lecture-recital “Women as Musician-Entrepreneurs.”

I was also trying to figure out for myself how to balance all the various pursuits I was involved in and had recently given birth to my second son. I was experiencing becoming a new mother all over again. I was inspired to help other women overcome many of the same obstacles I had faced and significantly improve their lives.

And my Musician’s Profit Umbrella™ group coaching business for women musicians was born through that.

The next steps proved to be incredibly rewarding and transformational from both a business and personal standpoint.

>I launched my program.
>I filled my group.
>I reached my goals.

In the process, I witnessed a pandemic followed by the disruption of the music industry and our society in general.

It became more relevant than ever for musicians to understand how to expand the notion of what is possible in our industry, and to realize the new ways we could reinvent ourselves in order to create new income streams. As musicians we needed not only to survive the crisis but reinvent ourselves and in order to come out stronger at the end.

Through my work coaching women only in my program and watching the changing trends of our industry, I’ve realized the power of bringing in other people to this conversation so they can witness the incredible ways we can all think when they are in a nurtured environment.
This led me to want to expand my initial community of women musicians to also include people from all genders.

I help musicians expand their impact, create new income streams, connect their creative side with their business pursuits, and become free of dependencies on external gatekeepers.
I’ve enjoyed sharing these perspectives with my students and also with my clients and know there are still so many more people out there I could include in these conversations.
I shared in my group coaching program my decision on wanting to be more inclusive and diverse in the populations I serve in my business.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Even though there has been a wonderful sisterhood bond fostered through the program, my clients were very enthusiastic about the fact that bringing in additional perspectives and voices would only strengthen our positions as agents of change in the entrepreneurial and musical words.

They pointed out the fact that my message and the teachings I’ve shared really transcend gender.

In fact, I have been already helping musicians, regardless of gender, create new income streams and expand the impact of their careers through my work as a music business and entrepreneurship educator in higher education long before starting my online coaching business.

Therefore, all these reflections and experiences have helped me shape my expanded version of what I do to include musicians of all genders.

As a result, I’m now opening my group coaching program and free Facebook group to all musicians and creatives.

My FB group is now called….

As part of the conversations we’ll have in this group we’ll talk about how to lead a life through the pursuit of prosperity and creative fulfillment, the welcoming of abundance and affluence in your life, and the strategic positioning of yourself as a musician not as a commodity, but as a necessity.

Through this harmonious balance of artistic fulfillment, creativity, and a business-savvy welcoming of affluence, you can have both the tool and the fuel to move forward to create your impact and your legacy.

>It can’t be all about the art (because you’ll run out of fuel to pursue the art).
>It can’t be all about the money either (because you won’t have a vehicle to run).
>It has to be a balance of both.

The financial engine has to feed the abilities of your creative life.

As musicians, we are all part of a professional group of people who love what they do so much that they are willing to do it for free. That tendency can be dangerous because we don’t often pursue a profit. It’s not often in the intention of what we do. We do it out of love.

We don’t have to lose any love for music to position ourselves as a necessity, to allow ourselves to call in value and prosperity.

I am grateful for the sisterhood I have created through my online community and coaching program. Our conversations are so valuable, meaningful, impactful, and inspiring. I now want to open the conversation to all the other voices that can help us deepen our understanding and inspiration for what is possible in our industry and in our world.

I’m grateful to be able to share with all of you this evolution, this growth and expansion of my perspective and business processes.

In business and in life it’s important to remain flexible. As we are willing to evolve and adapt to our ever-changing environments, we can also help those around us do the same.

I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m a business coach and entrepreneur – I’m not abandoning the idea of empowering women and creating a space for women to feel inspired and uplifted, I’m expanding my reach and opportunities to serve a wider audience during these critical times.

If you have already joined my FB group then thanks for being a part of my community.

And if you haven’t done it yet, I’d love to welcome you and continue these conversations.

Click here to join my FB group Musicians Creating Prosperity!

I’ll see you on the other side!