In my work coaching musicians, I’ve observed a common situation. When we see online content that we think is just so prolific and polished, we can oftentimes feel discouraged and even enter a state of paralysis that prevents us from even starting to take the necessary action to start our businesses. 

It can become quite overwhelming to see what everyone else is doing.

New business owners can see established entrepreneurs on a certain pedestal, and they think they have to START there.

A year ago…

I didn’t have a mailing list.
I didn’t have a blog.

I had never done a Facebook live.

I didn’t have a Facebook group.

I had never done significant content creation on social media.

You don’t have to have the sophistication and use fancy fonts and features to make your point come across. 

Instead of starting HERE? Start by connecting, so you can create.

Start having conversations with people and you’ll realize how many ideas you can get to create the content that truly reflects your values, beliefs, thoughts, and dreams.

Even if the format isn’t as refined

As polished

As creative

I’ve worked my way up to this point

In terms of content creation

In terms of connection building and visibility creation

In terms of budget (to eventually be able to hire a social media manager to continue amplifying what I’ve built)


I had to figure out how to have conversations on my own.

The concept of creating and connecting is never going to change.

The question is, when we are trying to start a new business, how do we get ourselves in a rhythm of creating and connecting in a synchronized way?

The information we are drawing in order to create will most often come from our conversations with people. 

People sharing their frustrations with you, their pain points, their paradise points. 

Your best content will be drawn from your true understanding of how to bridge the gap between their pain and paradise points.

As I reflect on the way I create content, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve almost rarely created any content that DIDN’T start with a real life coaching moment or coming out of a sales call, or something that happened with my family.

The good news about this is that if you learn how to do this at the early stage, you’ll also be able to do this as your business grows. It will be a constant and intricate part of the business development no matter where you are.

I was participating in a mastermind in a coaching call with one of my coaches, and all of the sudden the 8-figure marketing genius, Rich Schefren – “The Guru’s Guru” showed up.

Everyone got so excited to be able to ask him questions and to get a piece of his brilliant brain. 

Rich shared that he had developed coaching programs that have sold in the millions of dollars, but that he never detached himself from the 1:1 with his clients and consumers. 

His team can implement, but he chooses deliberately, even as his business grows, to always find ways to connect with his prospective audience. That’s where he gets his content and marketing ideas from – knowing where his audience’s pain points and paradise points are.

So if an 8-figure entrepreneur follows this principle, we certainly should.

What Rich and I have in common is that our teams just AMPLIFY what we have built. 

If you are starting out, the best thing you can do is focus on two simple principles: create and connect.

This will allow you to develop a cyclical rhythm that will enable you to both build the authority and context for your conversations to be better positioned, while also providing you with an opportunity to continuously have a mechanism of ideas and inspiration to fuel your creative process of content generation. 

This week marks the launch of my 2021 coaching program, The Musician’s Profit Umbrella®, and I’m incredibly excited to begin working with both new and returning clients who are determined to create new ways of living, new ways of bringing wealth and prosperity into their lives, and who are above all, creative human beings.

It is an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to help musicians ignite their limitless life through financial empowerment and creative fulfillment. 

I know I’ll be bringing this concept of creating and connecting to them in our meetings time and time again. 

It may seem like a simple thing to do, but there is certainly a method and strategy to do this in an easeful and flowing way, so that it becomes a beautiful part of creating a business, not simply something that we HAVE to do. 

Here’s to the start of a great new round of the The Musician’s Profit Umbrella® program! 

And if you’d like to join, I still have spots available! 

Since the program is now open for enrollment year-round (depending on space availability), then I encourage you to reach out and apply to my program so we can explore whether you’d be the right fit for this experience. 

Best wishes and have a great start of your week!