Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. The weather here in Denton, TX is so wonderful, I almost feel like we are in Spring already!

I had a wonderful inaugural session yesterday with my brand new cohort of coaching clients for my Musician’s Profit Umbrella® program to launch on Feb. 15th.

The participants who took fast action and enrolled in January had a chance to explore some strategies on how to lay a solid foundation for developing a deeply transformative online music business.

Even though I had both new and returning clients in my group, the insights I shared represented the culmination of everything I’ve grown into during the past few months. The strategies I shared brought new ideas to everyone in attendance. It was a great session!

We discussed ways to highlight and communicate their big idea for their business in a way that both resonates with what they truly know they can do as well as with what their ideal clients will need and will feel attracted to.

An important part of this strategy consists of finding ways to unify all the different elements of our identity and interests. But, the key in doing this is to watch out for focusing too much on only one aspect of our lives.

Balance is the name of the game.

I’ve chosen to DO it all, rather than juggle it all because I choose to strive for balance and cohesiveness in everything I do.

In the process of doing this for myself, I am creating a movement of people who want to find it for themselves too.

People see me and they feel they have to juggle what they do (they feel like I juggle what they do) in order to reach their personal, professional, artistic, and financial goals.

The big question we are tackling here is: how do you become successful while focusing on all of it at once?

If you find yourself wondering:

>What does it take to gain clarity and cohesiveness in my life and business?

>How do I unite what I do, and find cohesiveness in all aspects of my life?

>How do I continue to be in pursuit of financial freedom while still integrating my artistic projects in the mix?

>How do I achieve balance behind it all?

Then I have a very special event coming up for you…

Yesterday’s session inspired me to extend an opportunity for my online community to get a sneak peak of the magic that happens inside The Musician’s Profit Umbrella® program.

For this reason, next Thursday 2/4 at 11am CST, I’ll be presenting a exclusive LIVE webinar and Q&A where I’ll show you how you can create new income and attract the best paying clients by uniting all the elements of your personal, professional, and artistic sides.

You’ll walk away with concrete action steps that will show you how you can reach rapid financial expansion while also integrating your creative and artistic side in the process.

You’ll learn:

>How to create your big idea that sets the foundation for your business and all aspects of your creative process

>To extract your zone of genius (your super strengths) and infuse your overarching message so that the business you choose to build has a compelling, unifying feature

>What it takes to create the perfect synchronization between what you’d love to offer and what your ideal clients actually need

This will be an exclusive and highly interactive webinar so be sure to show up with your cameras on.

You’ll be actively participating in addition to receiving the golden nuggets of wisdom that have allowed me and my clients to stop juggling it all and start doing the things we want from a place of clarity, cohesiveness, and balance.

NOTE: This will be a PRIVATE event, and you have to show up live to get the exclusive webinar. There will be no replay. The content I will be sharing mirrors a training I typically only give to members of my paid program.

If you know anyone who could benefit from joining this exclusive experience, feel free to forward share this email. And if you’ve already taken fast action and registered for the webinar, congratulations!

Reserve your seat here!

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about The Musician’s Profit Umbrella® program and secure your spot before it launches on Feb. 15th, click here to apply!