I’ve had 7 piano teachers throughout my years of learning to play the piano. At this point, I know the type of teacher I work best with. I’m sure many of you, as seasoned musicians, feel the same.

One of the things that drew me to my absolute favorite mentors was the fact that they were doers.

It’s easier for me to learn from teachers who are active in the trenches – leading by example.
It’s what attracted me to all my favorite teachers and business coaches.

So when I became a business coach for musicians, I always wanted to be able to share my expertise but still be actively doing it myself.

Keeping both of my career paths alive – being a musician AND a coach – is incredibly important to me because as I am growing, experiencing, and learning for myself, I am better equipped to share my knowledge with others who are following similar paths.

I was humbled when my newest 1:1 client expressed the main reason she felt drawn to is that I was not just a business coach, but that I am a musician and a woman.

She saw herself in me, like a reflection.

When we position ourselves not only as an expert in our field but also who we are as people – in a way that allows others to see themselves in us, connecting with us on a human level…
THAT is when the magic happens.

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I look forward to connecting with you.