In a world where we are always striving for better results, more money, more work opportunities and all of the other things that come with being a music entrepreneur, we forget that we should strive for balance above all of these things.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t feel that my life is balanced all the time. I don’t ever know that we can ever have a fully balanced life. Because here’s what happens with a balance, anything can throw it off at any moment. Instead of striving for that balance, what we need is to focus on understanding the perspective and the mindset we need to approach towards our life and towards the different things we want to balance.

How can we change our perception of what balance needs to look like and how to even approach it? How can we shift from seeing balance as an end goal to instead of seeing balance as a journey?

What is your perception?

When we feel we are out of balance, we also feel that we’re out of control, we feel that our life is just happening at a fast pace and we just push through with all of the things around us. It can feel like we don’t have a way to put things in balance, like there is just more to us than we can handle.

The most important step when trying to achieve that balance in our lives is to take 100% ownership of our life. It’s to know that we have the capability to untangle whatever is not working, and to make it better.

In other words, to realize that whatever is not in alignment right now, whatever is out of balance is a result of our thoughts, our behaviors, our beliefs, and of our actions that come as a result of all of that, whether we like to recognize that or not.

Staying balanced

No matter how tempting it may feel, to want to find an external culprit and external reason, lack of this, lack of that, I want to bring you back to center and to remind you, that your life is yours, you have the capability to untangle whatever is not working, and create the life in alignment to what you want.

But here’s the problem. Most of the time, people don’t realize that they feel that they are at the mercy of whatever external demands or circumstances that are throwing them out of balance. This is exactly what I teach my clients in the Musician’s Profit Umbrella, because as musician entrepreneurs when we are out of balance with our work we can’t achieve our highest goals. We’re approaching balance seeking from the wrong lens and the wrong perspective constantly.

It’s only when you are willing to take 100% ownership and radical responsibility for your life. It’s only when you make that shift in perception, that shift in mindset that all of these are going to start working for you. You’re going to be able to start making better decisions. You’re going to start creating better boundaries, because you’re going to feel that If this is your life, you should not have to just keep up with the things that you don’t like.

Taking 100% responsibility

You should be able to take care of yourself, have time for your family, have time for your artistry and whatever it is that makes you fulfilled as a creative. It’s only when you make the decision that you’re not going to settle for anything else than what you really want in your life and your true vision, that you will be able to make better choices. When you are in a new mindset, you have made the decision to take ownership of your life, you’ve made the decision that you’re not just going to go with the flow.

You have to get yourself in the right mindset by first thinking about what you don’t want in life, then you decide what you are going to take action on to change that. How can you put yourself in a frequency, in a rhythm and in a motion, that will help you feel number one in control?

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