If there’s one thing I love about a new year, it’s the feeling of a new start, a new chance to grow. We often take the new year to plan big and dream big, but that doesn’t come without limitations. In fact, understanding your own limits and the limits of your business is a valuable tool in reaching your goals across the board.

When you know your limits, you can know to not stretch beyond them. After all, when we’re constantly pushing ourselves beyond our limits, what happens? Burn out. And being burned out can be the most detrimental thing for your business. You are the heart, soul and engine of your music business – if you’re down for the count, your business is, too.

There’s something called Parkinson’s Law that basically states that you can stretch yourself to fill an allotted time and, whether it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours, you only use the same amount of time to actually get down to work – the rest is just procrastination.

Instead, then, of giving yourself all the hours in the day to do a million things, get intentional. Set aside a specific amount of time to do a specific thing. You’ll find you actually get more work down when it’s that intentional.

The path to avoiding burnout is by working smarter, not harder; by doing fewer things with more focused attention, rather than trying to do 10 other things, you’ll go far.

Ready to work within your zone of genius – and within your business’s natural limitations – to expand your business in the new year? I’m here to help! Let’s connect and work on making your goals a reality!

Let’s prosper together,

Fabiana Claure