One of the most limiting beliefs I see new entrepreneurs working through is the feeling that they have to do it all. You may have heard this phrase before but I’m here to tell you it’s about working smarter, not harder.

As musicians, this is often counter to the ways we’ve been trained. You can never practice enough. You’ll always be competing against someone who has put in more time. You need to work 50 hours per week just to get by.

So, what does “working smarter” actually come down to? I would say three things:

?Building systems in your business early on
?The willingness to delegate revenue-producing activities

?Taking care of yourself

Without these, you’ll reach a level of success that might be OK, but it won’t help you scale in a sustainable way. If we are sacrificing parts of ourselves in order to build a business eventually we’re going to hit a wall.

That’s why I talk about building a business without sacrificing your creative aspirations or family life. Because I decided not to settle for anything less in my own life, and I want that for you too.​ Becoming an entrepreneur for me has really been about the realization that if I wanted to succeed as a coach, I needed to become a different person and I needed to do things differently.

​Keep following me along for more insights and mindset shifts to help you grow your business and step into this new role of entrepreneur.

Let’s Prosper Together,