There’s no “right time” to start building your team when you’re an entrepreneur.

Team building should be your starting mentality, no matter what stage your business is in.

When I built my first business, a brick-and-mortar school, back in 2011, I would never have dreamed that today I’d be running it remotely, and it would be more profitable than ever. In order for that to happen, I had to build an expert team that could keep it going even when I was not physically there. If you want to get to a point where your business is a key to freedom, income, and time, you HAVE to start building your team.

I hear many musician entrepreneurs say they’re waiting for the right time or amount of money before they start hiring.

But the right time is always now.

Even if you hire someone for just a few hours a week, that’s a valuable investment. It’ll give you that many hours back in your week to focus on things that require your attention, like service delivery or honing your craft.

There’s nothing more creatively stimulating than having someone on board waiting for your direction and leadership to grow your business. Don’t wait to get that support. Whether it’s a business coach, a virtual assistant, a marketer, etc.–figure out who would be the most valuable to you right now and start reaching out.

Because though you might be an expert at your art, you may not be so skilled at all the aspects of running a business. Bringing in someone who IS an expert at whatever it is you need help with most can be a game-changer for you.

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