On one of my Musicians Profit Umbrella™ group coaching calls a few weeks ago, one of my clients asked me how much time I spend with my kids.

“I see you do so much and also practice, there’s just not enough hours in the day…” she added.
I shared with her and the rest of the group how my schedule works as it relates to my family time.

The truth is that I have an incredible husband who supports me and we take turns. My oldest son goes to school and our toddler is at home all day. My husband and I swap in the afternoons and I take over with the kids when he is working and teaching piano.

Oftentimes when I have the kids, I am multitasking and juggling, looking after them while I am also working.

It can get pretty hectic sometimes.

This is a process of constant learning and evolving as my journey continues and not everything is always perfect.

Am I the only one that goes through this?
Is it bad that sometimes I go through this?


I am grateful, for being able to both pursue my dream career as well as have a beautiful family.

Over the past decade of being a pianist, entrepreneur, University educator and administrator, and eventually a mother of two, I have learned that I can’t be everywhere all the time and I can’t do everything all the time. I’ve learned to create support systems around me and make choices on prioritizing.

I’ve created specific frameworks that allow me to focus my efforts and time strategically and effectively, and therefore I know how to get results that can seem unachievable.

The thing is …

I am so in love with what I do that it really stimulates me. It fuels my creativity.
I’ve designed it in a way that I’m doing what I like (most of the time).

On social media, it can be so tempting to just talk about the good.
“Check out my latest podcast interview”
“Here is my amazing program we just wrapped on”

It can become a never-ending array of successes and achievements (don’t get me wrong – I am SO PROUD of myself and my business)

Part of being a role model is not only shining your light and showing people the positive.
It’s also about letting people see all the different aspects of what it takes for you to do those things.

The ups and downs.

The real parts of the experience.

And this is part of my experience:

I’m a big believer in creating businesses and systems from a place of ease and flow.


I will not pretend I do it all without occasional ups and downs.

Yet everything I do brings me joy.

If you’d like to create a life and business that is structured to be easeful, profitable, creatively fulfilled, and yields seemingly unbelievable results, then THIS is where you’ll want to be.