This week has been all about mishaps.

Being okay with making mistakes.

Not being perfect.

(“What do you mean, Fabiana, aren’t you launching this week!?” Yep. I’m launching, and if you’ve launched before too, you’ll know that it can get a bit chaotic!)​

Yesterday, for example, I was showing a beautiful presentation video before I started my livestream, and I accidentally closed the tab. Now there’s a huge 30 second black space between the ending of my intro video and when I show up (#anticlimactic).​

It drove me nuts. But at the same time, it’s so hilarious!​

I’m telling myself, instead, this week: how can I make this FUNNY? How can I make this CHILL? How can I transform these disasters into moments of learning and humor?​

Earlier in the week, I spent four hours (yes, four) setting up a page for a super exciting, brand new feature I wanted to try out.​

I then sent the email…​

And I realized the link was sending them to a broken landing page! (whomp, whomp…)​

On launch day?​

We discovered a glitch on my website with a weird strip of code, and my web developer is still working to fix it.​

(Pretty, huh?)

​You just want to crumble. ?

​On top of the broken landing page, and the video flub?

​For some rare reason, my son seems to always get sick during my launches. This week he’s been sick just as last time.

​There are all these things that happen when we are trying to put on a show, right?

​It’s so easy to fall into feeling like you have to be the “pro”, like you have to be 100% in control.

​What’s worse?

​You might start to interpret the mishaps as a sign that you’re not on the right track.

I’m here to tell you it’s OKAY. Embrace this vulnerability every single step of the way. (I’m not saying it’s easy.)

​The reason I’m even telling you this, is because I myself have to remind myself of it constantly.

​You see, I have a gift of seeing things after I hit send (it’s a rare talent!). ?

​I’m retroactively brilliant.

​Instead of agonizing over every email I send that has a broken link, thinking it will make my launch crash and burn?

​I just have to laugh at it.

​It’s been so refreshing to remind myself all week long that things don’t have to be perfect.

​The more I make peace with the catastrophes, the more enjoyment and a sense of wonder I feel for my business and the various adventures it takes me.

​It’s like walking into a beautiful forest, making your way through, hopefully you will come out in one piece but you have no idea what will come at you (lions, tigers, bears, oh my!).

​After my first launch, it was so emotional. I cried. I sold out all the seats in my program, and it was amazing, but it was also incredibly draining.

​Ever since, I’ve been trying to refine and improve. That’s why, for me and my team, it’s so great to launch smaller, and launch often.

​During my meditation the other day, I envisioned finishing my launch work for the day, and told myself that when my family gets home, I would stop what I was doing and go with them to the pool.

​My husband was surprised: “Oh, you’re coming with us?”

​“Heck yeah!” I said.

​Here’s what to take away from this, my two lessons for you.

​Check in with yourself and ask:

​1. How can I make running my business easy and sustainable?

→ How can I create launches that don’t completely overtake my life? I’m in this full time now. I’m going to be hosting these often, so I can’t afford to stop my entire life so the launch can take over.

2. How can I laugh at the disasters that happen?

→ That doesn’t mean they don’t piss me off, but it’s a “tremendous trifle”, like my old professor used to say, “it’s not the end of the world.”

​It’s a journey of being humble, embracing the sense of ease and flow, and above all, allow yourself to make mistakes and laugh at them.

​I’d love to know from you, what’s the last thing you’ve laughed at yourself about? Do tell!