Hope you had a great weekend and have started this week with new energy and inspiration. Even though it looks like we’ll all have to continue living in social isolation up until the end of April, I’m hopeful that we’ll find ways to continue creating connection and finding growth opportunities through this challenging time.

Today’s interview with pianist and homeschooling mother, Rosa Villar-Cordova Scott touched on some great topics than I’m hoping will help support our community of entrepreneurial musician mothers.

Rosa shared her experiences as they relate to:

  • Finding the positive things about being able to have more free time while also designing a schedule for optimized academic learning with your children. Basically, less can be more when it comes to organizing the daily activities to homeschool your kids.
  • Rosa’s process in applying an entrepreneurial approach towards her creative projects including composition and publishing goals.
  • Strategies to find a way to practice and also be a mother, and how modeling discipline and dedication can impact her daughter’s behavior.

You can watch the replay here if you missed today’s interview.
I’m excited to share some information about what’s next in our group. This coming Wednesday’s interview will feature concert pianist and homeschooling mother, Amanda Marsrow. Amanda’s journey includes multiple graduate degrees in piano performance and music history and a ten-year trajectory as a pianist, piano teacher, military spouse, and a homeschooling mother of six! Amanda has lived in different areas of the US as well as Japan. I look forward to connecting her with our community and know her insights will be very inspiring and helpful.

Be sure to join us in my FB group “Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers,” Wednesday, April 1st at 11am (CDT) and post your questions and comments during our live interview.
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Here’s the flyer for Wednesday’s interview.
I look forward to having you join us!