Fabiana Claure

In a world filled with advice on working smarter, mastering time, and meticulously scheduling tasks, the truth can often be obscured: it’s not the clock that drives success, but the intensity of focus. Especially in the dynamic realm of the music industry, the key to profitability isn’t found in meticulously managing time but in skillfully directing one’s energy.

This theme frequently arises in my conversations with clients about time utilization. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by juggling various roles – running a music business, maintaining an artistic identity, managing personal and family commitments – you’re not alone. These are the intricacies that creatives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs constantly grapple with.


The foundation of a sustainable entrepreneurial lifestyle isn’t built on time management alone. It hinges on comprehending where your energy flows throughout the day. It’s about safeguarding that energy, establishing boundaries against energy-draining activities, and channeling your energy with purpose – these factors define the journey to success.

Decoding the Focus of Energy

When you engage in activities that align with your energy and maintain equilibrium, you radiate a magnetic quality. This magnetism draws people, opportunities, situations, and ideas into your orbit, ushering in the abundance you seek. Whether you invest a few minutes or several hours becomes secondary. The pivotal question is: Where does your energy gravitate during the day? How can you steer your energy to achieve results by day’s end? What drains your energy on your calendar, and how can you eliminate, reduce, or delegate these aspects?

Man thinking during work

When you adopt this perspective, everything changes. The amount of time you spend becomes inconsequential if it’s not in sync with your goals. When your energy is being depleted, even a brief task can feel like an eternity.

Preserving Your Energy Reserves

Examine your calendar, distinguishing between activities that demand your full attention and those you engage in out of routine. How can you integrate more activities that fulfill you and align with your purpose?

Work Calendar

This is where preserving your artistic side becomes paramount. Often, we grapple with bridging the gap between our artistic endeavors and the commercial aspects, driven by fears about income. However, this alignment serves a dual purpose: it not only rejuvenates your energy but also ensures that your business resonates with your artistic vision.

This principle holds particular significance for artists – I’m a pianist myself. Strive to infuse passion into your daily activities. What activities invigorate you and infuse you with energy? Playing your instrument, composing, and music creation likely top your list.

Why This Shift Matters

Identify moments in your day and week where you can intentionally weave in activities that fuel your creativity. Let these activities breathe life into your endeavors, enabling you to excel across all aspects of life. Allocate time to your passion and overall well-being, not just your business. Block these moments on your calendar as conscientiously as professional commitments, and honor them as you would any meeting or important task. Neglecting these moments increases the risk of burnout.

Creative Freedom

By evading the pitfall of overwhelm, you stave off burnout, nurturing the growth of both your business and personal life.

Are You Mastering Your Energy?

If you’re a musician steering an online music business, you possess the potential to magnify your earnings. If you click here, me or a member of my team can guide you through strategic adjustments through a free growth strategy audit. Click here to schedule, and together, we’ll delve into the specific systems and teams needed to elevate your business to the realm of six and seven figures. Ultimately, it’s about optimizing your time and output with precision.