As musicians, we focus on many different things when we are in the process of creating our careers. 

Now, there’s no doubt that being a multi-faceted person allows us to create very unique experiences and opportunities as it relates to building a career in music.

You’re able to learn from a variety of experiences, multiple different musical styles, and diverse techniques for performing.

The truth is, most of us as musicians are usually coming from a place where we’re performing, we’re gigging, we’re teaching, we’re doing all sorts of things.

But, this allows us to become a bit diluted in our positioning and in our messaging, and in the way we try to describe the work that we do for others. 


We are not really connecting all of the different things that we do into a unified sense of identity. You want to be sure that every time you’re describing your work, you’re really dialing in how your vision can help others. 

I want you to ask yourself a few things:

  1.  In what way do you help provide a specific transformation? 
  2. What is your intended result? 
  3. Are you just focusing on the process or are you focusing on the benefit of your process?
  4. What is it that you can help people achieve based on the combination of your experiences? 

Our marketplace is diluted with many different messages, identities, and value proposition strategies, making it easy to get buried in the noise. 

The way for YOU to succeed in building a prosperous music business, is by consolidating all of your skills into one category. 

This will allow people to really understand what is the essence of your work, and how all of your experiences blend into a strong potential thought leader. 

I hope that this gives you some inspiration to start thinking about your strategic messaging, your brand positioning, and your identity. 

If you’re excited about the messaging and the positioning that you have right now in your business. Congratulations! 

But, if you’re not excited, let’s get on a free call so we can discuss how we could help you in strengthening your position in the marketplace.

In just a short conversation, we can discuss the strategy you may be missing, the gaps in your current situation and help you find the next best step for your business so you can live the prosperous life that you’ve always dreamed of. 

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