“It was a cop-out”
“That didn’t count”
“That was TOO EASY”
“It was just a fluke”

These are things some of my group coaching clients – who have actually sold their high-ticket music coaching offers – have said to me.

And I think to myself… WHAT? Did you really want it to be harder?

If you’re reading this, I’d love to know: have you ever made a sale that felt just too good to be true?

We get to a point in our lives where we think everything we achieve has to be done by putting our nose to the grindstone.

When we finally see the results from taking the enormous step of boldness, courage, and the willingness to be vulnerable… it CAN seem too good to be true.

We are so used to thinking everything we achieve is through hard work.

But what if it is about SMART work, not about hard work?

That’s what I focus on in my program – helping musicians tap into their strengths and power to build a business and a lifestyle that makes selling easeful and even enjoyable.

Rather than looking at selling as a mere exchange of valuable goods, approaching selling from a place of service can result in opportunities for human connection and interaction – can lead to breakthroughs and incredible transformations.

So when my clients sell their high-ticket packages and say “hey, that felt too easy…”

I laugh and tell them: “YES. That’s exactly how it is supposed to feel.”

We work together to create music teaching and coaching packages by connecting their personal, professional, and creative skills into a unified sense of identity, and a compelling brand.
We dive deep into their internal world to remove fear and limiting beliefs.
We create beautiful music business offers that allow them to step into their true selves.
We work together to set a price.
They share their offers with their audience.
They develop the confidence to put themselves out there.
They detach from the outcome.
All this allows them to experience life-changing breakthroughs and transformations.

Some of them sell their high ticket music packages, achieving a new level of financial empowerment and creative fulfillment. Others reach a new level of clarity that allows them to expand their personal and professional horizons in new ways.

It’s about choosing to set yourself up in the right environment – with the right mentorship – to figure out the quickest, and most easeful, way to achieve your goals.

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