One of our best-kept secrets is finally out! ?

Well, it’s not a secret by definition. But it’s certainly something that so many people have been asking me about and I wanted to have a real chat with you about it.

How can you really make that vision that you’ve been creating in your mind come to life?

I’m going to tell you a hard truth.

When we know we want to create something, when we start envisioning our ideal life, our brain is biologically designed to shut it down within five seconds. You’ve heard about the five-second rule, right?

Dine Villegas, I want you to know that my starting point for you if you’re thinking about such a profound topic of not just finding the vision for your life but actually having it…is to take action. When we stop thinking about what could go wrong, we start making space for what we truly want to create.

I want you to think about a few things:

When was the last time that you had a vision for what you wanted to create? What’s the thing that you’ve done as a result? Have you just kept thinking about it?

In my opinion, there is…

❌ No one size fits all formula

❌ No crazy, sublime way that you can finally get that meaning of your life

Do you really want to know how to find your vision for your life?
You find a vision for your life, when you are taking action for your life, not when you’re thinking about action, not when you’re thinking about a vision. A lot of people say you should never tell people when you have something going on. I understand where that comes from, but when you’re trying to create something and you share the intention, you’ll start to have support and you’ll gain more momentum.

Open yourself up to your community, open yourself up to the people around you, let them know about this vision, even if it’s in its very, very early stages, let people around you know what you’re trying to create. Because you’ll be surprised at the amount of support you can gather just by sharing the intention.

Just remember when you discover your vision and act on it, the easier you’re going to get to your goals. I believe in you and now it’s time to believe in yourself to take these actions to create your dream life.

Let’s prosper together,