I’m a big fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza. He’s this super-guru-doctor-scientist who has created frameworks around the power of manifestation – not only visualizing what you want, but embracing the feeling of what your future self could be, and actually turning it into an emotional connection.

In different instances in my life, I have truly been surprised by how quickly and concisely I have been able to manifest things.

Whether it’s creating a business from a vision, like the school my husband and I created 10 years ago…

Or when I wanted to step into a different type of work environment and move back to Texas…

Or when I started my own international coaching business and brought 12 amazing women together to start their own coaching programs in the middle of a pandemic…

Each time, I put myself into a place of believing that these things were already here.

I’ve done this all my life. When I moved into a new home 2 weeks before my second son was born; people told me I was crazy to sell and buy a home right before giving birth. 

Oh, and I also had to finish teaching all my classes, grade assignments, and submit my students’ final grades. Even my team at the university wanted to put a contingency plan in place in case I went into labor, but I told them not to worry.

I went into labor the day after I submitted all my grades and had a 100% natural birth, exactly as I envisioned it in my daily journal in the months prior.

It is a beautiful journey to feel into the emotional state of what you want.

When you meditate on a regular basis, you are programming your brain to embody that feeling of what you want, that feeling of your future self.

You may be reading this and agreeing; it’s easy to hear about these concepts, and know about the importance, but there’s nothing like practice.

Meditating is like playing instruments, you have to go back and do it again.
And again
And again.

Day in
And day out.

Personally, I’ve benefited from the opportunity to really ground myself through meditation. 
Part of my meditations are affirmations of what I want to release.
What I want to change.
What I want to STOP doing.

Deciding not to do the things that are not in my best interest.

I bought a Peloton bike exactly 1 month ago.

It was a big milestone to make this huge commitment to get in shape.

I started for 2 weeks, and then for 2 weeks, I was stuck with allergies, not exercising.

But in my meditations, I realized that if I want to change things in my life I have to do things differently.

I’m going to choose exercise.
Make myself and my health a priority.
Make my practicing a priority.
Make relaxing and unwinding a priority. 

After those two weeks of allergy challenges, I decided to stop avoiding it and instead get back on the bike and continue my commitment to getting in shape. 

But it happened because of this meditation routine, the repetition. (I meditate in the morning and at night, when I rewind and re-watch and evaluate where my moments of weakness are.)

These moments in meditation help me stay in integrity with myself. It’s an integrity check every day that I’m doing on a regular basis.

How about you? What are some of the things that you struggle with staying consistent and what mechanisms do you use to keep yourself in check and get back on track? I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a quote that I love and think of every time I’m feeling stuck.
“I am no longer accepting the things I can’t change. I am changing the things I can’t accept.” – Angela Y. Davis