You might have heard that it’s really important to build your business on a solid foundation. But what does that actually MEAN? In my experience, it means seeking out new opportunities. And that includes opportunities to serve the current market in a fresh and exciting way.

Think of how restaurants changed in the 1950’s.

​First, you had the traditional sit-in restaurant.

​(But what if you didn’t want to get out of your car? Well, in that case, you had the drive-in.)

​But what if you didn’t want to wait 20-30 minutes to get your food?

Enter the invention of the drive-thru. Each innovation builds on the last one. Innovation is often about going against the way things are currently done in order to serve your customers even better. One thing my mentees love about working with me is a deep understanding of musician entrepreneurship and all of the possible pathways to prosperity.

My former University mentee Carson Dorsey said that: 

“One of the most important things that Dr. Claure starts by breaking down what the reality of what our industry is: how we make money, what streams of income there are, what opportunities there are, what the data says about who is or isn’t successful.”

How can you apply this to your own music business right now?

​A simple way to start thinking about this is to ask your clients and students – why did you choose to work with me? The answers might surprise you! Because yes, it’s about learning a skill (if you’re a music teacher) or creating an experience (if you’re a performer)…but it’s also about your personality and unique method.

So don’t underestimate what you’re bringing to the table BESIDES your skills as a musician.

Let’s Prosper Together,