Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day holiday.

Last week I shared a video about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. I had just finished recording a video presentation for an international music business conference where I was invited to present and felt the urge to continue sharing some of the ideas I discussed in my presentation.

One of the overarching themes of my presentation was limiting beliefs and how to explore ways to identify them and overcome them. However, as I reflected on the process it took for me to finally complete that video presentation and send it, I realized I myself had been dealing with limiting beliefs in the process of preparing my presentation.

Not only did I procrastinate a lot before completing the materials, but I actually rationalized a series of reasons why I had other things to do instead of making the presentation.

The truth is I am a busy wife and mom of two, who is also teaching full time and running a university program, and also has a thriving coaching business helping women musicians create new income while expanding their impact. I have lots of things going on and the thought of preparing yet something else to submit for an outside organization felt extremely daunting and time-consuming. However, the reality is that I was also feeling challenged by the idea of presenting my expertise in such a condensed format (I had only 20 minutes) when I had so many important things I wanted to say and share.

So, what did I do? I delayed getting to it, and avoided it, and ultimately shared with my husband my decision to not do it.

Ahhh…..that would have been the easy way out, of course.

When we have our own internal deadlines and projects, it can be so tempting to call off things and miss the deadlines. After all, who would know? Mainly only yourself, so no harm would really be done. 

Except….really? No harm would be done if you truly don’t want to follow through; but if the reasons you are giving yourself for not following through have more to do with avoiding challenges and shying away from being vulnerable and stepping out of your comfort zone, then think again.

Fortunately, my husband knows me so well. We’ve been together now for 23 years! He called me out on it and reminded me of all the reasons why it would be GREAT for me to follow through with this project and GET IT DONE! He also encouraged me not to take the “easy way out” by simply canceling the project and instead make the time for it and doing it.

I listened and reflected and realized I had been unconsciously limiting myself in my beliefs. I geared up all my energy and ideas and made the presentation in a single take! There! It was all done, and it only took 20 minutes. Except it took more than a week of me going back and forth, exploring the pros and cons, and hesitating about it constantly.

So, my question to you today is: what are you telling yourself you can’t/shouldn’t/couldn’t do right now?

What is the latest set of assumptions you’ve been telling yourself and, probably quite rationally, justifying why you shouldn’t follow through?

Is it really true?

I encourage you to post in the comments below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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Even though this year has been challenging on so many fronts, there is still time to turn things around.

You don’t have to go through your own limiting beliefs on your own. There are ways you can get support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. 

You just have to be willing to question your assumptions and make the commitment to create change in your life.

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I wish you a wonderful new week.

Below is the video I shared on Friday talking more about this. Hope you find it useful.