Dr. Fabiana Claure delves into the crucial strategies for reclaiming your time and investing it wisely. Drawing from her personal journey as a musician, entrepreneur, mother, and wife, Fabiana shares her struggles and triumphs in learning to manage time effectively in her music business. 

She explores the key mindset shifts needed to distinguish between tasks you should personally handle and those you can delegate. Fabiana also highlights the importance of building a successful online business while avoiding burnout by strategically outsourcing tasks. She shares her initial excitement in acquiring new skills for her business, followed by the realization that not all tasks require her direct involvement. By learning to let go and delegate, Fabiana transformed her approach to both her professional and personal life, ultimately achieving greater efficiency and well-being.

Also in this episode:

  • Understanding the balance between learning new skills and delegating them.
  • The significance of a mindset shift towards outsourcing and investing in help.
  • Practical steps to audit your daily activities and identify tasks that can be delegated.
  • Real-life examples of how Fabiana improved her household management and business growth through effective delegation.

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As a concert pianist, and former University professor turned 7-figure entrepreneur, Fabiana has helped thousands of musicians create scale their businesses while also winning back their time to focus on what matters most to them.

Prior to becoming a business strategist for musicians, She co-founded a nationally-featured music academy in 2011 called Superior Academy of Music®, and since 2016, she and her husband have managed it remotely across the country. By putting her business on autopilot, not only has the business benefited from them being able to work ON the business rather than IN the business, but it has also grown in efficiency and profitability.

Fabiana was the Founder and Director of the University of North Texas Music Business and Entrepreneurship Program for five years from 2016-2021. In this role, she spearheaded the creation of a major initiative that helped musicians launch their own businesses, win tenure-track University teaching positions, and gain arts administration jobs. The program was ranked among the top 15 music business schools in the country by Billboard Magazine during the entire 5 years she was leading it. She’s also maintained an active performing career playing in venues nationally, internationally, and virtually.

In 2020 she launched her signature online business mentorship program, using her Musician’s Profit Umbrella® method, which helps musicians all around the world package their skills into an online brand that allows them scale their businesses while also winning back their time. Her clients have been able to create six-figure income streams, 10x their revenue, step out of overwhelm and burnout, and design a completely new way of living.

In 2021, she took the entrepreneurial plunge and quit her full-time University job in order to focus on creating a lifestyle that embraces ease and flow, free from burnout, and that allows her to focus on her coaching business, her performing/speaking career, her family, and her overall state of wellbeing. She now help musicians unify their skills and scale their online music businesses to create rapid financial expansion and purposefully design their lives in alignment with their values and lifestyle goals.

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