Fabiana Claure

If you are a music entrepreneur, then you are most likely no stranger to losses. Since you need to take some risks to grow, losses and setbacks are second nature in growing a music business.

Just because we’ve all experienced them doesn’t make them any more enjoyable. No matter what, we’re never happy to experience a loss.

However, they are inevitable. So we can either be crushed by them or turn them into opportunities and move forward.

Here are the first steps in doing so:

You’ve got to let go of desperately clinging to a safety net. Your safety net is your old way of doing things, of being afraid to change. It’s so easy for entrepreneurs to feel like any kind of deviation or change-up from what they’ve always done will result in disaster.

But it’s actually clinging to that same thing over and over that hurts you.

It’s natural to feel uncertain about the next steps to take. Why? Because our brains are actually wired to protect us and keep us safe by keeping us in our comfort zone. We are actually wired to be risk-averse out of self-protection.

Some risk-averseness can be good! It keeps us from swimming too far out in the ocean or speeding too fast down a rainy road.

But outside of our physical protection, it can hurt us entrepreneurially.

The law of advancement dictates when we need to take a certain step in our lives. And there is no straight path for that, no totally risk-free way forward. In fact, sometimes we actually need to take a step back before we can take a step forward.

When we make changes in the way we approach our music business growth, we will likely need to take a step back before we can take a step forward.

And many times, that “step back” manifests as financial loss.

So that means that recognizing how sometimes a step back is what we need to get to the next stage is the very first step in overcoming that loss itself.

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