I couldn’t help but reflect on all the emotions I’m feeling as I’m enjoying some time in Florida with my family on vacation.​

A few months ago, it was tricky to even think about having the autonomy to be able to travel freely.

At that time, I was tied to a position that required me to be physically in a certain location as a University educator and administrator.

Now, I can take off and travel, and continue working as I need to.

I’m no longer bound by the school timetable and it almost feels surreal!

The most surprising part of this transformation?

The lifestyle that I have now doesn’t give me the feeling that I need to “vacate” from my life in order to feel satisfied, fulfilled and happy.

I can support my clients and give them everything they need, while at the same time fulfilling my life goals.

It feels like a dream come true to feel the satisfaction of the life I’ve been able to create.

What I teach musicians and music educators to create is a lifestyle that gives you freedom from…

?Waiting for the next raise or promotion

?Having to be in a certain geographic location

?Feeling like you need to take time off to recharge from your occupation

The best part? I don’t need to receive approval from anyone to do the things that I want to do!

This is the type of freedom and flexibility I can envision for you, my incredible peers in this music industry.

I know what it feels like to desire to live in your zone of genius as a creative and impact others in pursuit of your sense fulfillment and purpose.

It’s from this place that we can create art and create beautiful experiences for others.

Would you like to learn more about how to create more freedom in your own life as an artist or music educator?

I’m sharing more on my latest video on Instagram (and yes, it was filmed while I was swimming in the ocean!) These are the exact strategies I’ve used to help my clients in the music industry to create a life of freedom.

Watch the video here.

Let’s Prosper Together,


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