Nine months ago, I shared a very personal post where I talked about my journey as a musician, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a business coach for musicians.

I shared some stories about how important it was for me to build my artistic and creative side into my day-to-day life in order to make it sustainable and present.

At that time, I was preparing to launch a new online coaching business for women musicians and creatives, and I was also preparing a multimedia lecture-recital entitled “Women as Musician-Entrepreneurs” to be presented in the Denton/Dallas area in March.

We all know what happened in March so not surprisingly, my concerts had to be postponed.
So here I was once again trying to make the most out of a challenging situation where I was launching a new business while also dealing with a pandemic that resulted in

Scrambling for groceries and supplies
No childcare options
Homeschooling my son
Switching to 100% online teaching for my music academy in Florida
As well as my University teaching here in Denton…

Even though I’m pretty good at dealing with chaos, this time around, things were taken to a whole new level.

So 9 months after sharing my February post, and enduring the chaos of 2020, I asked myself: where am I now? What has seeking creative alignment done for me? How have I held myself accountable for what I said was important to me earlier this year?

We can go through life – having responsibilities with our families, our own health, our own needs, our jobs – it’s so easy to put the creative side of our life in a dormant state, letting it be an afterthought instead of building it into the main activities in our life.

And when that happens, an integral part of our being and identity can feel lost.

This can have ripple effects in our internal sense of alignment, in our state of satisfaction, and overall purpose in life. It can affect how you show up, not only for yourself but in all the other aspects of your life, including with your family and your career.

In finding a way to not just bring that creative outlet back in, but to make it front and center in what you do, and let it fuel your entrepreneurial innovation…

You become a source of inspiration.

You can model creative alignment for everyone who may be struggling with the same things that you are, as it relates to finding creative fulfillment on a regular basis.

That inspiration can result in people wanting to work with you, people wanting to refer you, and so much more.

By being in alignment with your own creative fulfillment, you are not only able to succeed for yourself, but you model the possibility for others – how they too can make space for their creativity.

Your artistic desires should not just be something that only happens once everything else has been met.

You should build it into your career.

You should build it into your income streams.

This is what I do with my coaching clients and how I help them build their own umbrella vision to allow all the aspects of their life, including their artistic side, to unite and become synchronous.

Unless you are deliberate in pursuing your creative side in a way that allows you to build it into the business you are doing, it will be really difficult to find a true place of alignment.

But you need to find the right support system and strategy to do it well.

Whether you are a musician, a painter, a dancer, a writer, a sculptor, or any other type of creative being, chances are you aren’t making all your money from that.

Your day job, your business, or your kids are taking priority.

You can actually build your creative outlet INTO your job.

That is why, 9 months later, in addition to building a coaching business for women musicians and leading a music entrepreneurship program at a University, I am so thrilled to share with you what I have been working on in order to build my creative outlet – playing the piano – into my business and my life.

On November 15th, I’ll be presenting the worldwide premiere of my virtual multimedia lecture-recital entitled “Women as Musician-Entrepreneurs: An Exploration of Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, and Teresa Carreño’s Lives and Career Ventures.”

I’ll be working with a wonderful team who will be creating a high-quality audio/video experience and will be facilitating a number of interactive experiences for the audience.

The event will include piano music and a multimedia presentation where I’ll present the findings of my research. There will also be an opportunity for an audience Q&A as part of a virtual reception after the event.

This has been the culmination of all the creative work I’ve been focusing on during the past year. I dove deep into the music, lives, and entrepreneurial journeys of these amazing women pianists and composers.

I’m so excited to be able to share with you what I learned.

Back in March, a few weeks before I was supposed to present my in-person program, I made a video sharing some insights with more details about what to expect in the concert.

I hope you enjoy watching the video. I’ll also share more details in the coming weeks on how you can reserve your ticket to this unique experience.

When you create a business by uniting all the different elements of your personal and professional identity, you can design your creative outlet as an integral piece of your life.

This allows you to not only achieve financial success but preserve and grow your innate artistry – the creative side you shouldn’t have to give up just to make a living.

I’d love to know if this resonates with you.

Do you make time for your creative outlet (as much as you’d like to)?

I encourage you to share in the comments what your experience has been.