This is the third in a four-part series where I’ll be sharing my process in aligning our artistic and creative sides into our businesses so that we can become both financially empowered and creatively fulfilled. Here is part I, and part II, in case you missed these earlier.

For someone who has been pursuing a musical activity since childhood…

For someone who has been striving to achieve a level of artistic and technical excellence in the process of music-making…

 For someone who has gone to school and obtained multiple degrees in this field…

…sitting down at the end of the day and just practicing isn’t enough.

One of my clients was frustrated by the thought of not being active enough in her musical endeavors. She was busy with her music teaching business and taking care of her family, and had no time to practice. Even though she had the intention of doing it, she would not let herself get to that during her busy day.  

I encouraged her to incorporate her performance skills back into her teachings and business development strategies.

So, we found a way to build her piano playing into her pedagogical framework and brand building strategies for her business.

She was so excited and said she started practicing like she hadn’t in years.

One of the greatest benefits of doing this is that the momentum she gained from her reinvigorated musical practice actually helped her gain more confidence and ideas in her business.

After practicing for two hours one morning, she felt ready to face a challenging client. She was able to have a meaningful conversation and felt empowered to reinforce her policies and set boundaries in her work.

In our Friday Wins celebration post inside my coaching group, another client wrote:

“I’ve played and practiced piano and violin more in the last week than I have in the last six months and it feels like I’m beginning to breathe again.”

Another client became emotional in the middle of our session when she realized how much she had missed playing her instrument and was ecstatic at the thought of having a business-related reason to start practicing again.

She realized that she could both fulfill her artistic dreams while also enhancing her brand development and messaging content.

During our session, both she and I ended up in tears since I could so deeply connect to what she was experiencing.  

If you are a musician and music educator, you can TRANSFER YOUR CONFIDENCE into your business.

How do you build that part INTO the business? It goes beyond just taking time for yourself. You’re not just doing it because you know it’s something you should or like to do.

Practicing and sharing your artistic projects can become part of your JOB.

It is possible to weave these together and to have the music-making piece embedded in it.

Tomorrow I’ll share more details about how this can be done.

Meanwhile, I’d love to know if you have ever felt inspired by your artistic and creative pursuits to become more innovative and/or courageous in your business? Let me know in the comments.