Fabiana Claure

In the realm of musicians, there’s a common tendency to limit our ambitions, often hesitating to grant ourselves permission to dream big and pursue our goals with unwavering determination. If you’re reading this and sensing a resonance with this sentiment, it’s time for a shift. 

Today, I’m here to ignite a spark of empowerment within you. Regardless of the seemingly vast distance between you and your music business milestones, I want you to internalize the truth: not only is achieving them possible, but it’s also well within reach, especially with the right strategies and guidance.

Achieving Milestones

Over a decade ago, I embarked on a journey that led me to establish a brick-and-mortar music school from the ground up. Little did I envision that, years later, I would be orchestrating its operations remotely across the country, observing its consistent revenue streams and thriving profitability, all without being physically present. The evolution from a business that revolved solely around me opened doors to explore profit-driven activities that freed me from trading my time for money.

Now, you might be wondering about the secret sauce that fuels the growth of an ever-expanding, self-directed enterprise. The crux of scaling and creating a self-led company lies in harnessing the power of decision. It’s truly remarkable how these four words can alter the trajectory of both your business and your life. Every significant journey commences with a decision. This notion carries such weight that a multitude of thought leaders and successful individuals have dedicated their works to dissecting the art of decision-making through books, videos, and podcasts.

Decision Making

Whether you’re nurturing an existing music business or transitioning from the traditional realm to the boundless online landscape, your utmost priority should be cultivating a self-guided organization. The subsequent pivotal step involves envisioning your transformation from being the solitary profit generator to embracing the role of a genuine leader. As you pivot from an overburdened employee to an inspiring leader, you pave the way for crafting systems that empower your team to contribute to the profitability equation. 

Often, initial hires focus on alleviating administrative burdens and handling routine tasks, allowing you to focus on more critical endeavors. But let’s redefine your perspective. Imagine assembling a team capable of steering your entire business. This team could spearhead profit generation, champion marketing efforts, cultivate and expand client relationships, nurture potential leads, and ensure a steady stream of referrals and upsells. This marks the first step toward creating an organization that thrives independently of your immediate involvement—an essential principle that I teach in my coaching program, the Musician’s Profit Umbrella. 

Team with CEO

By consistently contemplating more substantial milestones, rather than falling into the trap of routine tasks, you unlock avenues for refining your work and scaling your systems. I want you to come out of your comfort zone, dream boldly, and set your sights on audacious objectives. The essence here is to cultivate leverage. It’s about forging goals that stretch beyond your usual boundaries and relentlessly pursuing them until they materialize.

Musician’s Profit Umbrella Enrollment

If this resonates with you and you want to learn more about how you can make this a reality for you, I want to invite you to speak with me or a member of my team. We are enthusiastic about exploring your current business landscape and collaboratively charting a tailored roadmap to bring your aspirations to fruition. 

Together, let’s realize the business of your most ambitious dreams! Click here to book a call to learn more about how the Musician’s Profit Umbrella can help you achieve this!