For musicians, burnout is a real thing! We’re so used to just working ourselves and doing things with so much hustle and effort. As creatives, in order to become good at our craft, we have to repeat things over and over and over again. That’s just the nature of what we do.

This makes it so that when it comes to working and building our businesses, it’s so easy to get caught up in that mentality of wanting to be doing things the hard way, and by doing so, we are burning ourselves out in the process.

I want to share with you some of my best go-to strategies to help prevent this burnout:

#1 Defining your morning and evening routines

In the mornings, create a moment for journaling, meditation, or have some sort of movement. Think to yourself, what will help me feel successful, empowered, and energized? Then do it! Make sure to create an evening routine. This can be by reading, meditating, or anything you’d prefer. Just be sure you turn off the electronics at least one hour before bed to rest from the blue light and electromagnetics.

Just remember, we as humans are designed to work based on the cycle of the sun. So, when the sun goes up our bodies get ready for us to go out and rock the day; when the sun goes down our hormones and our body starts shutting down as well. Make sure to define what time you’re going to stop working and make that commitment to yourself.

#2 Be clear about what “done” needs to look like at the end of the day

Tell yourself, for today I will define being done when I have accomplished XYZ. Make it specific. Define very clearly what success will look like so that when you get there, you know you can stop.

#3 Be very protective of your attention, define when you are in reactive mode vs. focus mode

​Distractions are constantly grabbing our attention all day long. This could be in the form of an advertisement, a text message, a call, the list goes on! This causes us to be in a reactive state of mind. When we are responding, we are reacting. Focus mode is when we are in a deep state of focus. This can be when we are practicing our instruments, writing music, writing a book, or whatever it may be that requires your attention. Be sure to define that and protect it. Don’t allow yourself to mix focus mode and reactive mode, make a clear distinction between the two!

I hope that these three tips can prevent you from being in a state of burnout that may hold you back from focusing on your music and your business or prevent you from focusing on your health, family, and life. The hope is with these strategies you will be able to create a routine, a rhythm, and a momentum to be able to build a meaningful and prosperous life from a place of ease, from a place of enjoyment, and from a place of abundance.

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