It’s been two weeks since my Musician’s Profit Umbrella Group Coaching Program for Women Musicians started.

A select group of women from all around the world became a part of this transformational experience with a true commitment to unify their strengths in a way that creates new income without sacrificing their artistic dreams or family lives.

Each week my group members share their wins as part of the community activities of the program.

Yesterday, several of my group members described the community we’ve created in the MPU program as “their win of the week”.

They shared how meaningful it had been to feel that sense of support and connection.
My heart feels full when I see these expressions of gratitude and acknowledgment of the power of community.

Community is something that we as a society need, no matter what moment in your life you are in.

During these times where people are having to isolate themselves due to the pandemic, how can we be intentional about creating community and nurturing our relationships?
If you are unable to spend much time with friends or family, are you creating other opportunities for connection and support?

Many times we don’t get things done or don’t accomplish things because we let them fall into the “I’ll do it when I can” category, rather than specifically setting the time aside for it in our calendars.

Even though the concept of social distancing has been predominant for the past few months, how can we be intentional in keeping the distance physical rather than social?

From my own experience, I don’t know what I would have done without the community I’ve created around me, both through my immediate social circle as well as through my virtual community.

Today I shared a Facebook live video (see below) with some additional thoughts on the importance of creating community and connection, especially in times of isolation.
I hope you enjoy watching it.

I also mentioned in my FB live video a study made by Dan Buettner which identified the main cause of increased life-expectancy and longevity to be community and social connection. Click here to watch Dan’s TED talk where he shares all the details of his Blue Zone study and the results of his findings.

And if you haven’t yet joined my free FB group, Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers, I invite you to join and be part of an incredible community of entrepreneurial women.

Once you’ve watched my video (see below), please share in the comments how you will intentionally create community for yourself this weekend.

I’d love to hear about the specific action steps you will create to connect and nurture your relationships in any way you can.

Enjoy your weekend and happy connecting!