Fabiana Claure

We build businesses to align with our existing life goals and values, not the other way around. It can be too easy to fall into the trap of creating a monolith of a business that doesn’t have the right systems and processes in place. And that job, then, of managing everything burns you out and your business feels less and less aligned with the life you want to create. One of the biggest and best lessons we can learn as music entrepreneurs is how to build systems.

Step Away as Needed
Don’t do it all

Not stepping away from your business, but rather away from the day-to-day tasks and more into the growth and execution. Oftentimes, we do things and then build businesses around them, like teaching violin lessons and then starting to build a school around it. In order for that school to be successful, we need to devote our time to building out its systems and the market. To do that, we need to step away from actually teaching the violin lessons ourselves. Back off from doing the main activity and become the visionary. Be the director not the player.

Be Willing to Learn and Grow as You Go
Learn and grow as you go

Often, how you think things are going to go isn’t how they end up. You may think one avenue of your business will be the most successful but it turns out there’s way more interest in another aspect. Or you may envision one part of the operations taking up a lot of your energy, but you find it to be pretty simple. Maybe you redirect more efforts to marketing or to hiring. Go with the flow as your business dictates and put systems in place to support that flow.

Delegate Out and Back-fill with Systems
Have systems

The things you don’t want to be involved with or are perhaps less skilled in – that’s where you should focus your efforts on streamlining. Hire experts into roles. Set up processes that streamline your efforts. Build systems so you don’t have to be the one who does it all.

How can you look at the key components of what it takes to build your business and what are the things you must do? What are the things you need to find someone else to do? What are the things you need to create the right systems for? For example, using scheduling tools to plan out and auto-publish content – that’s way easier than creating and posting something all by yourself, day-of every day.

Level up your business by protecting and streamlining your time and making sure things run as efficiently as possible. Book a call with me or my team and let’s explore your own efficiencies and inefficiencies together as we plan out a scalable plan for your business’s future.