Fabiana Claure

Today, I want to delve into a topic that resonates deeply with me: clearing negative thinking. This is something we all grapple with, particularly when we’re in the spotlight, whether on stage or in the world of entrepreneurship.

How many times have you found yourself on stage, contending with doubts and concerns? Will you forget a piece? Will you make a mistake? What are people thinking? These voices often flood our minds. But just as we learn to manage them on stage, we can apply the same strategies in our businesses.

For me, one key strategy is anchoring myself in the ‘why’ — why am I doing what I’m doing? This simple question brings clarity and purpose. It shifts the focus from self-doubt to the deeper mission at hand. It reminds us that it’s not about us, but about the impact we’re here to make.

What is your why?

In the realm of business, especially for creatives, vulnerability is a constant companion. Building visibility, creating content, and exposing ourselves can be uncomfortable. However, when we connect with the profound purpose driving our endeavors, we can transcend limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.

Consider this: Why are you in this moment, working on your business? What unique experiences, talents, and challenges have led you here? How do your actions positively impact others? When we internalize these questions, we pave the way for growth, resilience, and meaningful impact.

Life is ephemeral, and our time here is brief. Knowing that our work can leave a lasting legacy is a powerful motivator. It places our challenges in perspective and allows us to move forward with a lighter heart and a clearer mind.

Woman working on her music business

Remember, the energy you put into your internal shifts will reverberate in your external reality. By prioritizing your mission and the people you serve, you’ll not only find fulfillment, but you’ll also attract opportunities, clients, and prosperity.

So, let’s embrace our roles as conduits of change, both on stage and in business. Let’s lead with conviction, vision, and a deep sense of purpose. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Making a lasting impact and legacy

If you are ready to make a change and take a step toward clearing your negative thinking, click the link here to schedule a call with me or my team for a Growth Strategy Audit. Together, we’ll unlock the strategies you need to clear negative thinking and pave the way for even greater success in your music business.