Every week on Fridays, inside my Musician’s Profit Umbrella™ group coaching program for women musicians, we celebrate all sorts of wins – big or small.

Throughout the past two months, since my program began, there have been many wonderful wins where my clients have expressed incredible breakthroughs and have acknowledged the growth they are experiencing as a result of their work in the program.

The process of designing their own Musician’s Profit Umbrella™ is a journey that involves much more than business development.

It’s about internal growth, bold decision-making, letting go of limiting beliefs, acknowledging your fears and doing things in spite of them, and discovering your true potential.

Yesterday on our Friday wins celebration, one of my clients shared that she had sold her very first coaching package for $4,200!

This win represents much more than a monetary gain, it represents a woman stepping into belief and inspired action and making the decision to not settle for the status quo in her life.

Not only was I ecstatic for my client for what this means for her both financially as well as for her life and self-esteem, but I was also profoundly moved by the reaction from all the other MPU program members.

They enthusiastically celebrated my client’s win as if it were their own. The sense of sisterhood and inspiration they all expressed while cheering my client on truly moved me.

This is what it’s really all about.

Embracing change, striving for prosperity, and acknowledging the value in wealth creation can lead to incredible outcomes.

My current group coaching program is fully booked through the rest of 2020.
However, I have decided to open a few 1:1 slots for driven women musicians who are determined to create new income, expand their income, and significantly improve their quality of life.

If you’d like to learn more about what this could look like for you and for your career/life goals, then I invite you to book a call with me, and together we can explore this opportunity.

I will only invite you to work with me if I truly believe you can achieve the type of wins that I’ve described above.

Book your call now!

Below are a few snapshots from my clients’ comments about their experience so far in my coaching program.