I’m thrilled to announce…

>> The Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers: Thrive in Music, Motherhood and Business (a private FB group)⁣ <<

When I think about an Entrepreneurial Musician Mother, I envision someone who can turn obstacles into opportunities.⁣

→ Someone who is willing to redefine her priorities and set a new course of action to help create a new reality. ⁣

→ Someone who embraces the notion of creating the space for artistic fulfillment, amid all her other professional pursuits and family obligations.⁣

→ Someone who not only becomes a role model for her children but also pursues a career path that inspires and positively impacts those around her. ⁣

This is the entrepreneurial approach from which I’ve designed my life, and from which I help my clients design theirs. ⁣

As musician mothers, being able to include artistic projects in our lives that allow us to stay active on our instrument, and have a continued sense of creative and emotional fulfillment, can be very challenging – especially now.⁣

With the pandemic we face today, having our kids at home with us full time has made the struggle to balance being a musician and a mother even more difficult.⁣

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in a community of like-minded Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers, striving to create a new space for their own artistic fulfillment – in challenging times.⁣

Although the thought of redesigning your life and taking action towards new goals can feel untimely, a moment of crisis can become an opportunity for you to pause and take a step back in order to reflect and re-evaluate your current reality. ⁣

It can be so helpful to explore the lessons you can learn from this moment.⁣

If you ask yourself how this challenging reality can help you make decisions that can make you stronger in the long run, you might be surprised at what you discover.⁣

Especially if this global crisis has affected your income streams and has placed you in a vulnerable position financially, it is a critical moment like this that can prompt you to ignite a sense of entrepreneurial action and innovation.⁣

Think about how you could create change in your life if you use this challenging moment to reframe your current reality in an entrepreneurial way.⁣

You could…⁣

>> Design a professional life that gives you the space for artistic fulfillment while also helping increase your opportunities to become more financially secure⁣

>> Work towards creating a daily routine in which you feel inspired and challenged on a regular basis, impacting your overall sense of fulfillment⁣

>> Restructure your professional projects and normal schedule to be able to spend more time with your family⁣

This does not mean all musician mothers need to be entrepreneurs.⁣

But being entrepreneurial? That can be life-changing.⁣

So no matter how challenging your current reality may seem, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions: ⁣

“What would my dream life look like where I’d be able to balance my current professional and artistic projects in a financially sustainable way, while still being able to support and be there for my family?”⁣

“How could I transform this vision into my new reality?”⁣

These are some of the questions that have helped the musicians I’ve coached create personal breakthroughs and redesign their lives.⁣

So why create the Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers community?⁣

To provide an avenue for musician mothers to come together and support each other in the quest for artistic, financial, and personal fulfillment. ⁣

To help women musicians realize their full potential in a way that positively impacts them, their families, and the communities they serve. ⁣

Musician mothers shouldn’t have to…⁣

>> choose between motherhood and having an artistically fulfilling career⁣

>> live in a constant state of overwhelm⁣

>> struggle to give themselves the space or professional reason to nurture their artistic side ⁣

>> settle for a status quo that does not serve them!⁣

I believe in a new reality where through all the challenges we are living as a society today, entrepreneurial musician mothers will emerge taking inspired action that creates artistic and financial opportunities for themselves and their families. ⁣

In turn, this will allow them to become empowered and fulfilled, while also becoming role models for their children and impacting their communities.⁣

This is what the Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers community will build.⁣

If you’d like to join me, click on the link below.

Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers FB Group