I have been on multiple calls this week, with people who are facing the same inner voice, stopping them from leaping big.

They are riddled with doubt about not the opportunities they have had, but about themselves, and their own abilities.Many of them had invested something valuable in programs or opportunities.

(and by the way – valuable means different things to everyone, some of them were disappointed in themselves because of a financial commitment, others were disappointed because of a time commitment, etc.)

Let me start by saying that there is almost always a moment of questioning when you’re about to take a big leap.

It’s human.

It’s psychological preservation.

Most people do it – most people question, take a pause, and reflect on the big decision they’re about to make (like, say, joining a 6-month business coaching program).

It is completely normal to feel that.

The question is – how much are you willing to jump into the unknown?

Are you willing to give yourself an opportunity? Or, another opportunity?

Are you willing to forgive yourself for not taking full advantage of the opportunities you have been given?

Are you willing to accept responsibility, and more importantly, move forward and allow yourself to continue to dream big?

Are you willing to fight the voices in your head that feed you failure after failure?

Are you willing to recognize that maybe the so-called “failures” are just a story you are telling yourself?

We want to think the reason we don’t leap is because of


Or lack of time

Or other external factors

Because it’s easier to blame extenuating circumstances rather than ourselves.

Being willing to accept the blame, release it, and open the door for yourself again.

In the end, it doesn’t come down to the coach, the community, the strategy, all the tools…

It comes down to you.

And that can be scary. There may be some choppy waves.

But ask yourself if you are willing to give it a try, to make it to the beautiful promised land.

(If not, that’s okay, you can enjoy the island you are already on.)

So how do you know if you can commit to something, if that is the right decision, even after the self-proclaimed failures?

Know that this (joining a program, or making a big financial/time-based/etc. commitment) is the FIRST of a series of courageous decisions you will take as an entrepreneur, not the last. Instead of being scared of the first big leap? Get ready to embark on a new way of operating.

You will be taking LOTS of courageous steps to build your business.

I’m not saying this to scare you…

I’m saying this to remind you that the size of your steps have brought you to where you are, and for you to expand further you will have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Be OKAY with taking big leaps. The bigger the dreams, the bigger the leaps you have to take.

Your goals will continue to change (your perceived ‘success’ is a moving target, and your ‘failures’ will look different too). The key is how you navigate through, using and trusting your inner guidance.

You are the captain of your own ship.

What direction do you feel called towards?