During my official decade as an entrepreneur so far (even though my entrepreneurial instincts have always been with me since I was a child), I’ve seen two things over and over again that separate and define those who succeed as entrepreneurs from those who don’t.

Today I’m sharing them in hope that they might spark something for you if you self-identify with either of these tendencies:

The first one is individuals who have started their businesses and are experiencing some success but don’t yet delegate tasks.

There can be many reasons for not delegating tasks early on in your business.

The main one is that you don’t have enough revenue coming in at first. Even for myself, at the beginning of my online coaching program, I was the one doing everything from posting on social media to creating the curriculum to coming up with a marketing strategy.

As I had learned from managing my music school, there were only so many hours in the day and that even as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I only had it in me to “do it all” during the very early stages of my business.

The second reason can be feeling like you’re “good enough” at many things, and so everything is done by you, but not as well as it could be done.

This is a quick path to burnout because you’re spending your efforts trying to become an expert in every area of business, instead of building on the skills that are already in your zone of genius.

If you’re reading this right now and it seems far off, please don’t worry! As part of my 12-month business mentorship, I teach my clients how to start building their teams and what tasks to delegate.

Another thing that’s important to add is that by building support into your business, you have more freedom. That includes freedom to travel, spend time with family, pursue your interests, play music and so many other non-business-related activities.

Without delegating, it’s really, really difficult to achieve this balance and suddenly your business starts to feel like just as much of a trap as your full-time job did.

The second item is feeling like you need to work harder to earn more money.

The truth is, there are only so many hours in a day, especially when you are stuck charging hourly rates.

Once you clarify your personal branding and the outcome of your coaching program, your capacity to earn money expands without having to sacrifice your family life or creative aspirations.

This is something I’ve tested and refined over the last 20 years,.

Which of these business growth blocks are you experiencing right now? Or perhaps both of them are holding you back?

Let’s Prosper Together,


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