MPU Free Training

Imagine if you could unite all the aspects of your personal and professional life in order to create a more profitable and impactful brand.

Through my Musician’s Profit Umbrella™ (MPU) free online training series and workshop, I’ll walk you through my signature blueprint for creating new income – without sacrificing your artistic dreams or family life. I’ll show you how to effectively create a structure for yourself and/or your organization around a larger all-encompassing brand umbrella – all within the context of living a life as a musician. I’ll guide you through some of the most innovative, scalable online music business models and forward-thinking industry trends, drawing from my experience as a pianist, educator, entrepreneur, business coach for musicians, and a mother of two!

After you complete this training if you’d like to explore what it would look like to further develop and implement your very own Musician’s Profit Umbrella, learn more about my 6-month group coaching signature program that starts on February 1st, 2021 by visiting my coaching page here.

To take full advantage of this free training, join my free FB group Musicians Creating Prosperity, and post your training homework inside the group. You can refer to these handouts for more information regarding the homework assignments. 

Day 1 – The MPU Mindset Foundation

Part 1

Part 2

Day 2 – Creating Your Brand Umbrella

Day 3  – Designing Your High-Ticket Offer

Day 4 – Activating your Musician’s Profit Umbrella

Day 5 – Musician’s Profit Umbrella Workshop

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