Last year I was interviewed on the Crushing Classical podcast by host Tracy Friedlander.

Her podcast is a series of provocative interviews with musicians who are pioneering a new path in the classical music genre. 

I spoke all about how to creatively build a business that reflects YOU. ​

I went into great detail on my strategies for keeping your creativity alive during the conquest of entrepreneurship and growing a successful business. 

Here are some highlights of what I shared in the interview:

? How I first immersed myself in the world of music entrepreneurship.

? How the 1897 Oxford Dictionary definition of entrepreneur changed how I see the business of music forever. 

? How mastering a passage and developing replicable systems in my business are related.

​In this interview, I really enjoyed putting together all the different facets of myself as an artist, performer, music educator and coach and seeing new connections between every chapter of my journey. 

As you are listening, I want to remind you that seeking the opportunity to build a new income stream is only the first step. When you learn to embody an abundant mindset, you’re building trust that the right business idea will come to you! 

Listen to the full episode to see how I was always learning and tracking what worked. What I accomplished in one chapter of my life always led me naturally to the next step. 

It took me 20+ years of preparation and different experiences to arrive at this moment where I am today, and I’m so grateful for it all, because I’m in this position now where I really feel like I’m changing lives in my coaching practice and still honoring my artistry as a performer.

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Let’s Prosper Together,

P.S. If you enjoyed this interview and would like to listen to more of my podcast interviews, you can find them on this page of my website