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Top 10 lessons I learned this 2021 as I surpassed my previous University salary in a single month as a full-time entrepreneur

Find out how to be part of the MPU Ambassador Program




Create your 2022 Vision and Strategic Plan in our December 2021 Online Retreat for Musicians

Strategic advisory with Fabiana


How to balance serving clients while growing our business

Why your internal confidence can be a game changer for attracting premium paying clients

How to create communities that inspire each other

Building a business that can work without you

Giving you permission to be awesome…

Do you have the right systems in place to scale your music business?

How to know if you are focusing on what truly matters in your life

You are more powerful than you think. There is always a choice.

How to create time for our quality of life while we build our businesses.

Why build a business?

Why reflecting and course-correcting is key to building a business as a musician

Want to learn how to attract the premium paying clients

Building on the momentum and not getting too comfortable in life

Why I always start with Gratitude

Sharing some reflections after my sixth Masterclass session wrapped up this week

Last day on the beach and Masterclass FAQs

How to create a life of freedom as a musician

Festive Friday Wins

What is a high-end offer and how to create one in your music business

Want to learn how to attract the premium paying clients

What it takes to make a huge shift

Finding intentional moments in your routines to feel gratitude

Preview of NCKP Conference 2021

What is more important than being


Turn  your website viewers into clients

Why your website needs to reflect ALL of you, not just how you work

Why avoiding the hard things can give us an illusion of creativity

Who do you need to BE in order to succeed in the next stage of your life?

Why Being flexible with your own deadlines ensures business sustainability

Career Transitions and How To Know When You Are Ready To Pivot and Expand

Why the thing you think you need help with might not be what you ACTUALLY need….

How to Know You are Ready to Start Your Business

Create New Income by Designing a Brand Umbrella

Why gaining clarity is one of the most important steps in giving your business a true purpose – and how to get it.

Three Mindset Shifts To Create The Space For Artistic Projects That Compliment Your Professional and Personal Life.

How creating projects that allow you to deeply connect with your artistic side can benefit many other areas of your life

Insights into “Women as Musician Entrepreneurs” Multimedia Lecture Recital

How Empathy, Motherhood, and Business Can Intersect

Limiting Beliefs and How to Overcome Them

The Power of Community

Strategies to Create Visibility for Your Business

The Mindset of Creating New Income

Interviews where I’m being featured

Christopher Still, from Honesty Pill interviews Fabiana Claure

Key Strategies To Thrive During Disruptions

Fabiana Claure joins Glory St. Germain for an Ultimate Music Interview as she shares Key strategies for music teachers to not only survive but thrive during economic disruptions.Claure

“The Business Side of Music: How to Create Your Own Brand Umbrella” – Fabiana Claure (interviewed by Stani Dimitrova)

The Classical Music Industry: Reinvented Virtual Artist Retreat by Jennifer Rosenfeld
Creating New Income by Designing a Brand Umbrella with Dr. Fabiana Claure

Spanish-speaking interview with the Orchesta Filarmonica de Cochabamba, Bolivia
(Interviewed by Augusto Guzman)


Economic Challenges in Disruptive Times – A Webinar I Co-Hosted with Jonathan Kuuskowski, presented by the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy

Economic Challenges in Disruptive Times: Overcoming Perceptual and Practical Barriers – A Webinar (part 2) I Co-Hosted with Jonathan Kuuskowski, presented by the Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy

Interviews where I’m featuring others

Umbrella Branding to Create Income Opportunities in a Multifaceted Musical Life

Featuring music historian and entrepreneur, Carol Reynolds, PhD, creator of “Professor Carol”


Featuring soprano, Maria Antunez

Featuring pianist Rosa Scott

Featuring soprano Amanda Marsrow