I would be thrilled for our College of Music to receive such an impressive, national recognition under any circumstance. That Dr. Claure achieved this level of national notoriety so quickly is truly remarkable,” said Dean John Richmond“We are all thrilled for her and for the future of this vitally important program.” 
Dr. John Richmond, Dean of the UNT College of Music (excerpt from 2017 UNT News release entitled: ‘Billboard’ names UNT College of Music top music business school.)

“This is such good stuff going on here at UNT! Happy that our students can take advantage of these opportunities to develop their dreams and goals into PLANS for when they leave school. Fabiana Claure is doing wonderful work!”
Vocal Jazz Division, University of North Texas
(excerpt from 2017 Facebook post)


“Fabiana Claure possesses an impacting aplomb and great versatility.”
Los Tiempos, Bolivia

“Fabiana’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto was refreshing.”
Diario de Leon, Spain

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