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Congrats!You’re Registered for

Brand To Stand Out

How To Attract Dream Clients For Your Music Business

Brand To Stand Out

How To Attract Dream Clients For Your Music Business

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With that housekeeping out of the way, let’s talk about what you’re actually here for: what you’ll be learning in this workshop. 🙂


This 3-day, live experience is all about Branding to Stand Out for your music business.


Straightforward, no matter how incredible you are at what you do, as a music-based business owner, the crux of your success is your branding.


Branding isn’t only about the pretty colors and logos…


It’s about your beliefs and how you communicate those to connect with your ideal clients.


So I’m telling you from firsthand experience and from the countless others I’ve helped develop ironclad brands that stand out…


When you dial in your messaging and story, understand how to position yourself in an ‘oversaturated’ market, and fine-tune your brand…


You’ll be able to (near) effortlessly attract your dream clients, charge higher rates, and work in a way that honors your time rather than trading it for money.


In other words, masterful branding, positioning, and messaging unlock wild leverage in your business, and wild leverage means more money with less time.


To some, I know this might sound like a pipe dream, but in all honesty, I’m telling you that it’s far more possible (and far closer) than you might think.


This is the same way prior students, Hannah Minner and Eric Brown, started to reclaim their time (to the tune of 10+ hours a week) from traditional 1:1 lessons.


And how Renee is “working the same amount of time but making twice the income” by teaching piano and voice while her kids are at school.


It’s also how Helena Aung found her first dream client after strings of ‘window shoppers’ that gave nothing but objections.


So why not come see for yourself? 🙂


(And if you can’t make it live, you’ll be sent the replay each day – but nothing beats the live experience!)

You’re already registered, so you have nothing to lose and just might have everything to gain.

On Day 1, June 10th, you’re learning the power of storytelling.

You’ll learn how to use your story to engage your clients in a way that builds authority, how to infuse credibility into your story, and how to become to go-to authority in your clients’ eyes.

On Day 2, June 11th, you’ll learn how to simplify your messaging. 

You’ll learn how to describe what you do simply and cohesively, connect your message with the needs of your clients, and use your messaging to stand out, ultimately becoming a category of one in an ‘oversaturated’ market.

On Day 3, June 12th, you’ll learn positioning strategies that increase sales.

You’ll learn how to position yourself as a trustworthy guide, boost your confidence and authority by creating a strong positioning strategy, and elevate your position to attract premium-paying clients.

  Building a strong brand that stands out encompasses all three of those aspects. 

You’re already incredible at what you do. Now, let’s build a real strategy around that and get you in front of your dream clients. 

Your next step is to check the email patiently sitting in your inbox with all the dates and times.

I can’t wait to see you live for Brand to Stand Out!