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by Fabiana Claure on May 13th, 2020

Have you ever told yourself “I want to do this!” but found yourself a few moments later totally distracted and pursuing a completely different activity or project?

Many times it’s the objections we tell ourselves shortly after our first idea pops up that cause us to change gears and never actually execute the initial idea.

According to Mel Robbin, creator of The 5-second rule, “If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it.” There is actually a scientific explanation on why our brain deliberately tries to hinder our initial idea sparks.

Many people can have great ideas, but ultimately it is those who take the next step and purposefully reframe their perceived limitations that actually make things happen.

If you are willing to deliberately question your perceived barriers, whether these may be internal ones (such as I’m not ready, I haven’t figured this out yet, I have to continue thinking about this before…., etc..) or external ones (people won’t want it, the economy is not going to allow for this to happen, there is too much competition, etc), then you have a greater chance to achieve what you want.

In order for you to step into a new way of living and improve your reality, then you need to step into a new way of thinking.

A great way to do this is to listen carefully to your inner thoughts and recognizing the many types of barriers you perceive when it comes to taking action in your career and life.

If you find yourself needing to be “ready” before taking certain steps, this can be a sign that you may be overthinking things and could instead consider the benefits of “taking the plunge”.

I know it can be scary to jump into unknown territory without seeing the full picture of what lies ahead of you, but I want to remind you that it is precisely this willingness to take a leap of faith into the unknown and follow your instincts that can be the best way for true innovation and change to happen.

Reframing your objections and turning them into points of exploration for further personal growth can be the thing that allows you to ignite inspired action and take bold steps that can create a radical new reality for yourself.

This is what happened when Jen Guzman, a former music entrepreneurship student of mine, started her entrepreneurial journey with me almost four years ago. Initially, she approached her career with some hesitation and perfectionistic behaviors.

Ultimately, it was through our work together along with her willingness to reframe her perceived barriers that enabled her to create a multi-six figure business through her brick-and-mortar instrument accessories and repair business (TB Winds), as well as raise funds and became appointed the Denton Program Director for a musical outreach non-profit (Texas Winds), all while pursuing her doctoral degree in clarinet performance at the University of North Texas.

Not only did Jen’s entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to question her perceived barriers allowed her to complete her DMA degree with several businesses under her build (both in the non-profit as well as for-profit realms), she was also able to take over the entire music business and entrepreneurship program at UNT when I was on a full-semester leave.

Shortly after graduating and receiving her doctoral degree in music, it was precisely the way she created her brand umbrella and connected the many facets of her professional and personal life, that positioned her to become appointed as the Director of Education for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, a role in which she is now expanding her impact throughout the DFW metroplex and beyond, all while still running her own business (TB winds) along with her husband, Tony.

In Jen’s own words, she shares her experience working with me where she was willing to let go of the mindset and perceived barriers that held her back and was able to step into a new way of being that ultimately defined her journey.

"While I've learned many things from working with Fabiana, my biggest takeaway is to just do it. Just take action. Just start somewhere. As a planner, I've always been able to think through ideas but I often had trouble actually starting a project. As a student, I knew I was smart but I would still second guess myself because of my student status, assuming that others were more capable. Fabiana really helped me step into my own to become a leader for others and for myself. In addition to helping me with my own doubts, Fabiana provided specific tools and resources to ideate, plan, and stay focused in my endeavors. She truly leads by example, and I continue to be amazed by how much she achieves because of her "can do" spirit and optimism.

Fabiana has supported me in multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including opening a music store and expanding an existing arts nonprofit. Through Fabiana's eyes, I've learned to see opportunities instead of hurdles. Throughout my journey, Fabiana has been someone I go to for support, advice, or for a push when I'm feeling bogged down by everything that needs to get done.

Owning and operating a music store with my husband and repair specialist, Tony Barrette, has been an exciting journey. We have been profitable since our first month in business and have grown our inventory asset to five times its original value in just two years. Recently, I was hired at the Dallas Symphony as the Director of Education. In this roll, I oversee and plan all of the DSO's educational programs, including our newest El Sistema based program that provides free instruments and music classes to students in south Dallas. I will always be grateful to Fabiana for helping me get to where I am today!"

Dr. Jen Guzman
Director of Education
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Co-Owner of TB Winds

If you are wondering how you too could gain the clarity and support you need in order to be able to overcome your own perceived barriers and start seeing possibilities you’ve never considered before, then I invite you to apply for my Musician’s Profit Umbrella Group Coaching Program. I’d be happy to help you discover your own barriers and reframe your perspective in order to pursue your biggest dreams.

Through my Musician’s Profit Umbrella, I’ll help you realize how by combining your interests and capabilities to service ongoing needs, you can create new income by solving problems and serving specific groups with a unified sense of identity.

Enrollment is now open so I invite you to apply and take inspired action towards your greatest goals.

Apply now!

P.S. If you haven’t yet had a chance to catch up on my 5-day free training, you can still watch the training replays by clicking here. I recommend you watch them soon before the videos are taken down.

by Fabiana Claure on May 12th, 2020

I'm excited to share it with you here...

that doors are open for my signature program, the Musician’s Profit Umbrella Group Coaching Program.

A 6-month transformational experience for women musicians to create new income without compromising their artistic goals or family life.

The program starts on June 15th, 2020. I’ll be using the concepts I shared this week and diving deep into many more principles and implementations strategies to help you turn your concept into reality.

I'll also support members individually to personalize everything to meet their particular business and life needs.

The program will include a thriving community of empowered women musicians striving to reach rapid financial expansion while also supporting each other as they significantly improve their careers and personal lives.

When you complete this program, you will finally understand how the various facets of what you do and who you are can allow you to create new income while also significantly freeing up your time.

You’ll be able to enjoy living in a reality where not only are you helping others through your expertise, but you’ll also be constantly learning and growing through your business and through your pursuits of creative projects.

You’ll also be able to have more time in your life to dedicate to your family and kids.

Are you ready to reach rapid financial expansion while also creating the space for your artistic side and family life.

Get your application in NOW!

Apply now!

My program is now open but space is limited and several spots are already taken.

I’m offering women who apply within the next 24 hours, a special bonus opportunity.

If after you apply you get invited to join the program, you’ll be able to participate in a strategy intensive masterclass during the month of May that will give you a business head start and help you hit the ground running.

If you think you could be a good fit for my program, then I invite you to apply and within the next 24 hours so you can receive your extra bonus.

It's been such a joy leading you through this training this week - thanks for being a part of it!
If you have any questions at all, just write back.
All the best,


PS. Click here to apply to the Musician’s Profit Umbrella

PPS. All training videos will be taken down within the next few days. If you missed the earlier trainings, I encourage you to watch the video replays (click here) as soon as you can.

by Fabiana Claure on May 11th, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I'd like to share this recent interview where I talk about my journey as a mother musician and entrepreneur.

Thank you to Christopher Still, from Honesty Pill, for featuring me.

Chris also created a super fun narrative to introduce the interview and I wanted to share it here with you. It makes a fun read!

*From Christopher Still*
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, hang on...🎹...it's a pianist... ...and not just any pianist, but an actual, bonafide, reality-altering-superhero, Dr. Fabiana Claure! <<insert your favorite hero music theme here>> 🦸🏻‍♀️ Let's take a look at her superhero comic book profile:
Superhero Profile Card 🦸🏻‍♀️ POWERS
Superhuman Organizational Skills, Master Optimizer and Fundraiser, "Steinway Spidey" sense, Transformer of Careers, Mindset Script-Flipper, Champion of Women Composers, Connector of Musical Dots 🦸🏻‍♀️ SIDE-KICK
The incredible and surprisingly accommodating "Touring Toddler" 👶 🍼 🦸🏻‍♀️ MOST RECENT APPEARANCE
The "Musician's Profit Umbrella" Comic, Episode #42 (2020) 🦸🏻‍♀️ ALLIES
Her "Epic League of Adoring Clients", and the universally respected powerhouse, "The 6FME Avengers" 🦸🏻‍♀️ ENEMIES
The infamous "Starving Artist" (a.k.a. "The Stereotype"), "The Imposter" (a.k.a. "The Syndrome"), and the elusive "Passive Income Myth" 🦸🏻‍♀️ FACTS
You can claim your expertise
You can claim your authority
You do not have to wait to be given permission
OK. I'll stop reliving my childhood comic book adventures. Let's get serious.
Today’s interview is with Dr. Fabiana Claure, and you won't want to miss hearing her describe what it's like to:
-start a business
-become a mother
-run a school program remotely
-create a lecture recital series
and still have the mindset to shift the narrative and put herself in a position of empowerment and authority!
Ok...so, now that I see ALL of that written down, maybe she IS an actual comic book hero!
Bam! Pow! Zap!
Click below to watch the interview!

And when you do, I'd love to hear if you have ever struggled to balance motherhood and career projects.

Have you ever felt that your artistic side became dormant while working on other professional endeavors and taking care of your family?

Have you been wanting to create new income but don't know how to turn your ideas into an actual business?

What takeaway from this interview can help you shift that into what you'd like to do for your career and for your life?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

Click below to watch the interview!

by Fabiana Claure on April 2nd, 2020

 I'm still on cloud nine after yesterday's interview with the amazing Amanda Marsrow as part of my "Musician Mothers Who Homeschool" series in my FB group Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers. It was so good to reconnect with Amanda after many years and to have her share her insights on life as a musician and a homeschooling mother of six.
Some of the insights Amanda and I discussed today included:
  • How to create an arts-immersive environment at home to help your children better understand the context of the academic and musical concepts you are teaching them
  • The benefits of embracing an entrepreneurial strategy while exploring markets and business opportunities
  • Finding ways to reconcile motherhood and work while appreciating the time you have with your children
Missed today's interview? No worries! You can watch the replay here. If you'd like to connect with Amanda, you may reach her via her studio website at Marsrow Music Piano Studio.

On another note, I'd like to share with you a unique opportunity to join me for an exciting online conversation to take place this coming Friday, April 3rd at 11am (CDT).

While everyone is impacted by the pandemic, you know musicians (and the entire arts community) have been hit especially hard.

But what if this could be an opportunity to reshape what it means to have a career in music?

Because let’s be real, it’s not like things were that great for musicians in February (you know - before corona)

A music career has its challenges, even in the best of times.

That’s why when my colleague, Jennifer Rosenfeld, asked me to be part of her virtual artist retreat, I had to say yes!

It’s called Classical Music Industry: Reinvented.

And you’re invited.

Along with 20+ other musicians, educators, coaches, and arts leaders, I’ll be sharing my experiences and insights on creating the radical shift the music industry needs…

So you can infuse your career with more joy, fulfillment and profit (no matter the economy)
Here’s a peek:
  • Discover how to create income opportunities right now that you love so much, you’ll want to keep them after all this craziness passes
  • Uncover how to shift your relationship with money so that you can feel empowered rather than limited (imagine raising your rates significantly while reducing the time you spend teaching)
  • Supercharge your practice time and artistic work to unleash your creative genius
The event is free, so I hope you’ll join me (and spread the word to anyone else who might benefit).

Click here to join

I’m looking forward to Friday's interview and hope you can virtually join me!

by Fabiana Claure on March 30th, 2020

Hope you had a great weekend and have started this week with new energy and inspiration. Even though it looks like we'll all have to continue living in social isolation up until the end of April, I'm hopeful that we'll find ways to continue creating connection and finding growth opportunities through this challenging time.

Today's interview with pianist and homeschooling mother, Rosa Villar-Cordova Scott touched on some great topics than I'm hoping will help support our community of entrepreneurial musician mothers.

Rosa shared her experiences as they relate to:
  • Finding the positive things about being able to have more free time while also designing a schedule for optimized academic learning with your children. Basically, less can be more when it comes to organizing the daily activities to homeschool your kids.
  • Rosa's process in applying an entrepreneurial approach towards her creative projects including composition and publishing goals.
  • Strategies to find a way to practice and also be a mother, and how modeling discipline and dedication can impact her daughter's behavior.
You can watch the replay here if you missed today's interview.
I'm excited to share some information about what's next in our group. This coming Wednesday's interview will feature concert pianist and homeschooling mother, Amanda Marsrow. Amanda's journey includes multiple graduate degrees in piano performance and music history and a ten-year trajectory as a pianist, piano teacher, military spouse, and a homeschooling mother of six! Amanda has lived in different areas of the US as well as Japan. I look forward to connecting her with our community and know her insights will be very inspiring and helpful.

Be sure to join us in my FB group "Entrepreneurial Musician Mothers," Wednesday, April 1st at 11am (CDT) and post your questions and comments during our live interview.
I'm going live using StreamYard. Please remember that before leaving a comment, please grant StreamYard permission to see your name at streamyard.com/facebook.

Here's the flyer for Wednesday's interview.
I look forward to having you join us!