Fabiana Claure, pianist | educator | entrepreneur

Fabiana podcast interview for "Classically Trained" series by Amanda Chavis


What does it actually look like to build a successful business as a musician? How do you find the time and the money? Is it possible to keep playing seriously and run a business at the same time?
If you’ve had great ideas about putting on really innovative concerts but didn’t see how it was possible to make them happen...
If you’ve had a great idea on how to solve a problem you see in the musical community but don't know how to take it from idea to reality...
If you love connecting with your own local community and wish you could turn it into something more...
...then this is the episode for you.

Fabiana Claure shares her experience and insight as an actively performing pianist who co-founded the nationally acclaimed Superior Academy of Music in Miami, Florida, and who now is the Director of Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music at the University of North Texas.

Hear from Fabiana:
How the word “entrepreneur” applies to you
Why you need a business plan, even as a solo artist
How to get other people to buy into your vision
The most important question to ask yourself when you don’t have the time or the money to invest in a dream
Why the best time to start a business is when you’re in schoolHow is it possible to be a musician, business owner, student, university professor, and mom at the same time?

Fabiana featured in North Texas Television and NT Daily TV news coverage of UNT's Music Entrepreneurship Program.

Fabiana to be featured as pianist and speaker in upcoming Classical Education Symposium on October 7th at the University of Dallas. Click below for more details.

UNT's music entrepreneurship program, created by Fabiana, earns national recognition as top music business school in 2017

Fabiana interviewed by Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO of iCadenza.

Fabiana releases UNT Music Entrepreneurship Competition documentary video. 

​Click below to watch the 2-minute documentary trailer. To watch the full 45-minute documentary video click here.

​Fabiana's Micro-Course "Developing a Music Business Plan" for Coro by iCadenza to be released on August 16, 2017. 

Fabiana and William will perform a concert featuring Latin American Piano Music in Miami on June 10th.

Fabiana presenting in NETMCDO Conference in LA in May 2017.

Fabiana has been selected to present a teaching demonstration entitled: ​ "SWOT Analysis for Musicians: Positioning Yourself in the Marketplace" at the 2017 Network of Music Career Development Officers Conference in Los Angeles, CA in May 2017.

Fabiana presented a paper at 2017 MEIEA Conference in Chicago, IL in April 2017. 

Fabiana gave a paper presentation entitled "Teaching Musicians to Think as Marketers: Strategies to Ease the Mindset Shift" at the 2017 Music Entertainment Industry Educators Association Summit in Chicago, IL in April 2017. 

Fabiana moderates Career Panel hosted by Stoke Denton and Thin Line Fest in March, 2017.

Fabiana moderated the panel hosted by Stoke Denton and Thin Line Fest entitled "Crafting a Business for Your Art: Lessons From Successful Film, Music and Photography Entrepreneurs" which included guest panelists photographer Ed Steele, musician McKenzie Smith, and film maker Ryan Polly. 

Fabiana creates UNT Music Entrepreneurship Competition

Fabiana moderates a career panel in the 2016 CollabFest held at UNT

Guest panelists included ​collaborative pianists Ann Baltz and Anne Epperson.

Fabiana is appointed Director of Career Development and Entrepreneurship in Music at UNT