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I help musicians create empowering careers.

Business Coaching for Musicians

Are you looking to pursue a musical project, create a business, or figure out what the next steps in your career should be?

Are you struggling to balance your work, family life, and artistic career aspirations?

Through my experience as an entrepreneurial concert pianist, and my work as Founder and Director of the Music Business and Entrepreneurship program at the University of North Texas, I've helped hundreds of musicians create businesses, gain employment opportunities, and launch their careers.

I’m particularly interested in helping mothers, since as a pianist, entrepreneur, and mother myself, I know how challenging it can be to balance family life, career obligations, and artistic pursuits. Over time I've learned how to make it all work in relative synchronicity. You can read more about my story by visiting my blog post here.

That's why I want to use my experiences to empower fellow musician mothers to design their lives and realize their full potential in a way that positively impacts them, their families, and the communities they serve.

I can show you how to turn concept into reality by helping you gain the clarity you need, become more efficient with your time, create an actionable plan, and reach your goals.

Through my Musician Entrepreneur Business Coaching Program, your career will shift into the path you’ve always wanted it to go, enabling you to pursue your dreams and lay the foundation for a life full of purpose, connection, balance, fulfillment, and impact.
If you are someone who:
  • Gets excited by the thought of increasing your income, your artistic fulfillment, and the overall impact of your work, while also balancing family lives and career obligations.

  • Is skilled as a musician and is willing to explore how your non-musical skills could also be an important asset to help design and execute a career building project.

  • Values feeling a sense of empowerment towards your career and is interested in taking action to accomplish your goals.
Then feel free to reach out to me to schedule a call and discover if this is for you.


"I want to thank Professor Fabiana Claure for helping me finish my website and for helping me build my music career. I took Professor Claure's Music Entrepreneurship and Career Development class and she helped me with my vision of building a music school for children by helping me develop a 15-page business plan (with power point slides that illustrate the plan) to pitch to potential investors after graduation. She also gave me the courage to not be afraid, anymore, of pursuing a career in music."
Jackson Eli
"The UNT entrepreneurship program [created by Dr. Claure] gave me access to the tools I needed to make everything happen and run smoothly when it comes to setting up non profit status, business plans, marketing, and things that I had no idea existed. For example: CRM software, fundraising tactics, persuasion techniques, and most importantly the ability to relate proper business terms to music ensemble organizations. The program definitely provided the pull and stretch that has grown my knowledge, and developed my skill sets in new directions."
Julianna Emanski
Founder of Lumedia Musicworks 
"The atmosphere created in Dr. Claure’s seminars: it really is quite a unique environment. You can really feel the creativity in the room— everyone has a unique perspective and it truly is a rich learning experience."
Kyle McKay
Founder of The Musician's Bookkeeper
"I'm so grateful I got to be taught by you. Thank you for empowering your students and for holding them to the best they can be and thank you for empowering and inspiring me!"
Callandra Youngleson
Jazz Vocalist, composer and educator

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