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Business Coaching for Musicians, Educators, and Arts Leaders

Are you a musician mother struggling to balance your work, family life, and artistic career aspirations?
Are you looking to pursue a musical project, create a business, or figure out what the next steps in your career should be?

I've experienced first hand how challenging it can be to balance artistic, professional and personal pursuits while also raising children, being a wife, and taking care of my household. 

For years, a great part of my artistic identity remained in idle mode and I had to develop many strategies in order to turn things around. 

After much frustration, disappointment and positive interactions with others, I decided to take action to change my reality to be able to fulfill my artistic, professional, personal, and financial goals.

You can read more about my story here and about my related research interests in women as musician entrepreneurs here.

Because of what I've been through and the lessons I've learned along the way, I'm now on a mission to help musician mothers become artistically and financially empowered to pursue a career path that inspires them while positively impacting those around her.

This is the entrepreneurial approach from which I’ve designed my life, and from which I help my clients design theirs.

Exploring new possibilities

I believe in a new reality where through all the challenges we are living as a society today, entrepreneurial musician mothers can take inspired action that creates artistic and financial opportunities for themselves and their families.

Through my work and experience as a pianist, educator, entrepreneur, and business coach for musicians, I will help you:
  • Design a financially secure professional life that also gives you the space for artistic fulfillment

  • Balance your current professional and artistic projects in a financially sustainable way, while still being able to support and be there for your family

  • Create the space for artistic fulfillment in a way that creates synergy between your other professional pursuits and personal interests

  • Create a daily routine in which you feel inspired and challenged on a regular basis, impacting your overall sense of fulfillment⁣

  • Restructure your professional projects and normal schedule to be able to spend more time with your family⁣

  • Redefine your priorities and set a new course of action to help create a new reality⁣

Could this be for you?

If you are someone who:
  • Gets excited by the thought of increasing your income, your artistic fulfillment, and the overall impact of your work, while also balancing family lives and career obligations.

  • Is skilled as a musician and is willing to explore how your non-musical skills could also be an important asset to help design and execute a career building project.

  • Values feeling a sense of empowerment towards your career and is interested in taking action to accomplish your goals.
Then schedule a call and discover if the Musician-Entrepreneur Business Coaching program is for you. 

"Fabiana provided specific tools and resources to ideate, plan, and stay focused in my endeavors"

"While I've learned many things from working with Fabiana, my biggest takeaway is to just do it. Just take action. Just start somewhere. As a planner, I've always been able to think through ideas but I often had trouble actually starting a project. As a student, I knew I was smart but I would still second guess myself because of my student status, assuming that others were more capable. Fabiana really helped me step into my own to become a leader for others and for myself. In addition to helping me with my own doubts, Fabiana provided specific tools and resources to ideate, plan, and stay focused in my endeavors. She truly leads by example, and I continue to be amazed by how much she achieves because of her "can do" spirit and optimism.

Fabiana has supported me in a multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including opening a music store and expanding an existing arts nonprofit. Through Fabiana's eyes, I've learned to see opportunities instead of hurdles. Throughout my journey, Fabiana has been someone I go to for support, advice, or a for push when I'm feeling bogged down by everything that needs to get done.

Owning and operating a music store with my husband and repair specialist, Tony Barrette, has been an exciting journey. We have been profitable since our first month in business and have grown our inventory asset to five times its original value in just two years. Recently, I was hired at the Dallas Symphony as the Director of Education. In this roll, I oversee and plan all of the DSO's educational programs, including our newest El Sistema based program that provides free instruments and music classes to students in south Dallas. I will always be grateful to Fabiana for helping me get to where I am today!"
Dr. Jen Guzman
Director of Education
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

"I still utilize some of Fabiana's techniques and methods..."

"Before I started working with Fabiana I was interested in becoming more entrepreneurial but had not fully embraced the practice as a lifestyle. After studying with her, I developed far better insight into the implementation of music entrepreneurship into my professional career and my business. I now serve as Assistant Professor of Arts Management & Entrepreneurship at Baldwin Wallace University, where I still utilize some of Fabiana's techniques and methods from my time as her student as well as in the day to day operations of my business."
Dr. Sean Murphy
Assistant Professor of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship
Baldwin Wallace University

"She also gave me the courage to not be afraid, anymore, of pursuing a career in music."

"I want to thank Professor Fabiana Claure for helping me finish my website and for helping me build my music career. I took Professor Claure's Music Entrepreneurship and Career Development class and she helped me with my vision of building a music school for children by helping me develop a 15-page business plan (with power point slides that illustrate the plan) to pitch to potential investors after graduation. She also gave me the courage to not be afraid, anymore, of pursuing a career in music."
Jackson Eli

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