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Testimonials from piano students and music entrepreneurship students

​​"Thank you so much for being kind and patient with me during the preparation process for my audition. Although there were many obstacles along the way, I feel as though I have grown tremendously as a pianist. You pushed me to become better on a technical and emotional level. You reminded me that anything is possible if I "find a way" and of course hard work. There are no limits when it comes to reaching a dream."
Mia Mendoza, piano student Superior Academy of Music
"Thank you for being part of my renewed musical endeavors. Your piano lessons each week provide me with precise performance tools and a great source of positive inspiration."
Cira Garcia-Granda, piano student Superior Academy of Music
​"I want to thank Professor Fabiana Claure for helping me finish my website and for helping me build my music career. I took Professor Claure's Music Entrepreneurship and Career Development class and she helped me with my vision of building a music school for children by helping me develop a 15-page business plan (with power point slides that illustrate the plan) to pitch to potential investors after graduation. She also gave me the courage to not be afraid, anymore, of pursuing a career in music."
Jackson Eli, undergraduate student, University of North Texas
"​I am very much enjoying MUCE 5000 (The Musical Entrepreneur). Thank you so much for organizing this course, and for all of the incredible guest speakers you have arranged for us to meet and learn from. Although I have taken courses in the realm of Music Entrepreneurship before, I can say without reservation that this course has provided me the most hands-on, real-world, applicable information and experiences!”
Megan Bailey, graduate student, University of North Texas